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      Let your landscape lighting illuminate every occasion and invite people into your home by highlighting walkways, architectural elements, gathering spaces, water features and more.

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      Tree Lighting

      Learn which fixtures work best for certain trees, how many are needed and the angle required utilizing uplighting and downlighting techniques.

      Hardscape Lighting Basics

      Hardscape lighting can make the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary result. Learn the three building blocks of Hardscape lighting.

      Variable Lumen Output

      VLO is the new standard in landscape lighting. Every VLO fixture delivers three lumen outputs that you can change easily.

      Getting Started with Landscape Lighting

      Start by learning the possibilities and begin planning and placing landscape lighting to accent your property and highlight your home.

      Landscape Lighting Techniques

      A great landscape lighting design can wow your friends and neighbors. Using a variety of techniques brings your home into an all new light.

      Integrated LED for Landscape

      Engineered from the inside out for optimum performance since all parameters can be controlled.

      Design Tips

      The color of your light sets the tone of job and the proper beam spread focuses the light where you need it.

      Connect With A Landscape Lighting Contractor

      When you're ready, we can connect you with a premiere landscape lighting installer in your area.

      Lighting a Flagpole

      2-3 directional accent lights are often needed to illuminate the pole and the entire flag properly. The pole height and flag size are key.

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      In-Ground Lighting

      Popular with commercial accounts, a below-ground fixture is less likely to get damaged, but the style can be right for residential customers, too.

      Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

      Here are a few of our favorite lighting tips to help you enjoy these spaces — day into night.

      Outdoor Lighting Basics

      The benefits of outdoor lighting are obvious, but choosing the right lights isn’t always so simple. Where do you start?



      Whether you're interested in a certain category or a stylized collection, it's easy and quick to browse products with our interactive catalogs.

      Looking for a Contractor?

      A landscape lighting professional can show you all of the possibilities and deliver the best, most efficient lighting to bring your home to life.

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      Layout Design Services

      Need help choosing landscape lighting or coordinating lighting in a large office building? Our Layout Design Service team is here to help.

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      When you're ready, we can connect you with a premiere landscape lighting dealer in your area.