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Modern farmhouse front exterior landscape lit up with different outdoor landscape lights at night

Landscape Lighting Guide

Landscape Lighting Finish Trends

Not too long ago, landscape lighting often took a one-look-fits-all approach. Products were designed to be hidden and blend in with the environment. Typically black finishes are used for landscape lighting, but did you know there are additional finishes for styled exteriors? Homeowners are beginning to see landscape fixtures as an accent of their own, showcasing the space but with added style. Take a look at these exterior home styles and the landscape finishes that go with them.

Palm Springs to Spanish Revival

Tropical backyard pool in the late afternoon with a large swan float
Variety of coastal outdoor lights in black and white finishes

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This style of exterior is anything but subtle. Ostentatious on purpose, you will want lighting that will pop. Defined by terracotta and stucco textures, modern furnishings, tropical plants and crushed gravel, lighting should complement the style rather than blend in. When you install white or black lighting fixtures at homes with these styles, the fixtures become a style statement of their own.

Modern to Industrial

Outdoor entryway at night with River path lights
Industrial style path lights products in black finish

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On industrial and craftsman exteriors, light wood and grey stone are offset by black metals and streamlined greenery. When lighting this space, opt for black finishes that will enhance and complement the sleek outdoor space. The black landscape lights, such as deck and step lighting, will add to the function and style while path lights and accents support the outdoor ambiance. 

Cottagecore to Traditional

Exterior of a stone cottage surrounded by flowers during the day
Variety of bronze and black finished path lights

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Reminiscent of an English countryside home, these spaces blend seamlessly into their environment. You’ll often see greenery overflowing into the living space, climbing up walls and over pergolas. All of this provides opportunities to light the space in unique ways like centennial brass or traditional black finishes. Showcase stone steps with path lighting or light up a climbing rose as it rambles up a trellis.

Updated Traditional to Farmhouse

Exterior of white farm house at night with variety of uplights
Variety of black finished path lights

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These exteriors are often marked with pergolas, firepits and expansive outdoor seating. It’s a traditional style, but with a modern, outdoor twist. The well-manicured lawns, potted plants and lush landscape welcome a black lighting finish that complements the exterior colors and greenery. 

Cabin to Craftsman

Exterior of a rustic entryway with Argyle sconces on either side of the double front doors
Variety of bronze landscape lighting

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At one with the nature surrounding them, Lodge style exteriors use natural wood and elements of the landscape to create their look. Sometimes you will see a space designed around a unique tree or a water feature, perfect for lighting in a dramatic way. They have warm neutrals and ample outdoor seating like adirondack chairs and benches to enjoy the landscape. For this reason, architectural bronze (AZT) fixtures complement the cozy atmosphere. Feeling both old-world and timeless, AZT fixtures add a touch of elegance for your outdoor experience. 

One thing to keep in mind is that there is one look that is trending regardless of style; black finishes. They’re being used in unexpected ways, standing out as a visual element of it's own. It’s the perfect choice when you have a unique home style or are unsure which finish is right for your space.

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