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      Melis Mellis

      Warm Finishes

      A welcoming trend in interior home designs.
      Our newest finishes, part of the Homestead
      Collection, are here to help you bring a
      romantically rustic look to your home.

      Warm Finish trends

      Finishes that Span Styles

      From beech and greige to character bronze to warm maple, our Homestead finishes are both versatile and complementary.

      Make Your Home Shine

      Tips to help you plan the perfect space

      Guardian Fan

      New 2022 Ceiling Fans

      Make a statement with modern industrial, luxe traditional, art deco, and cottagecore designs.

      Explore Fans
      Humble Fan


      Did you know you can use light layering to add depth and dimension to a room, switch the mood in an instant and showcase your favorite things? Play with different layers of light to see how you can transform your space.

      Ceiling Fan Pendant Wall Sconces Day Time Ceiling Fan Pendant Wall Sconces Day Time

      See How Kichler Lighting Transforms This Space


      Why Kichler

      Why Kichler collage

      At Kichler Lighting, we're more than just a lighting company.

      We're a "bring people together" company. From our humble beginnings in 1938 to the global brand we've become today, our focus has always been strengthening and growing relationships—both the ones we foster with our customers and the ones our customers share with friends and family in the glow of our lights.

      Learn from the Experts

      Each style is unique in its own way, offering endless ideas to decorate your space. Our influencers know how best to transform rooms into spectacular spaces whether it be indoor or outdoors, traditional or modern.

      At Home with Ashley

      Influencer Inspiration

      Find how-to content and tips from our influnencers like At Home with Ashley. Learn about new products and see behind-the-scenes photos and collaboration with influcencers.

      Handmade Home Kitchen

      Define spaces

      See how the size, activities and the effect you are trying to achieve in your home play a part in the lighting a kichen, bath, bedroom or living room.

      Discover styles

      Discover Styles

      No matter your ideal look, we have a variety of styles to make your space Cottagecore pinterest-worthy.