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      Designed with your space in mind, introducing the latest design trends, styles, and space ideas to help you envision your perfect look. Whichever room you are updating, the new 2021 collections have the lighting inspiration you are looking for.

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      Day time Kichen image featuring Kimrose chandelier 52411BNB
      Night time Bathroom featuring Harvan vanity light Menillo


      Did you know you can use light layering to add depth and dimension to a room, switch the mood in an instant and showcase your favorite things? Play with different layers of light to see how you can transform your space.

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      Tape Lights

      Tamara Day

      HGTV® Bargain Mansions

      Designer and host of HGTV Bargain Mansions, Tamara Day is a purveyor of the glam and cozy. While respecting the integrity and history of the homes, she integrates modern design, function, and style - creating beautiful spaces.

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      Tamara Day Bargain Mansions

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      Emerging Style Trends

      2021 and beyond brings about style trends that express both the comfort of our homes, as well as the desire to explore the world. These inspiring new trends coupled with twists on staple styles are setting the tone for a bright year ahead.

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      Bathroom Harvan
      RLM Hallway

      Build your own fixture

      It's never-ending inspiration and real-life possibility. Design your own in 3 easy steps.

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      RLM Living Room


      Don't take our word for it, let our customers show you how Kichler Lighting is shaping up their space.

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