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Advanced Product Solutions & Layout

Kichler Lighting's Advanced Product Solutions & Layout Team (APS) is here to assist showroom and wholesale partners. We're available to help you with any design or technical challenge you face.

  • Want to understand how one of our products will operate in a unique location? Give our product solutions team a call.

  • Have professional CAD drawings, a rough sketch, and/or photographs? The APS team will find a way to work with these and return a recommended lighting design layout.

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APS can help you:

  • Increase Sales

  • Create Product Solutions

  • Promote Customer Confidence

With years of combined technical and design training, we’re here to support you with layout design services for exterior, commercial or residential spaces, as well as technical guidance on our entire product line. These free services are designed to take the guesswork out of any lighting need you have – giving you the confidence to spec and install the right Kichler® products for any application and give you the tools you need to increase sales.

How The Layout Service Works

What You Provide

You provide documentation of the property being submitted - hand drawings, photos and/or CAD drawings.

What We Return To You

Based on your inputs, the APS team produces professional layouts - CAD drawings or photo overlays, with a chart showing all the runs.

How To Use The Service

This service is available to all Kichler Lighting partners including partners enrolled in Kichler's LightPro™ Rewards Program. If you do not have an account number with Kichler Lighting and are not a landscape contractor enrolled in LightPro™ Rewards, please visit the Where to Buy page to find the nearest authorized Kichler Lighting dealer. Your dealer can work directly with us on your behalf.

Get Started
  1. Login or Sign-up for LightPro Rewards

  2. Complete the request form and attach any helpful drawings or pictures related to the job to your request.

  3. Our team will create a bill of materials (BOM) and send it back to you for confirmation

  4. Once confirmed we’ll get to work on your layout design