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Modern farmhouse front exterior landscape lit up with different outdoor landscape lights at night

Landscape Lighting Guide

Getting Started with Landscape Lighting

Close up of a man outside installing a ground light

Landscape lighting can enhance your outdoor space, provide increased security and add value to your home. Start by learning the possibilities and begin planning and placing landscape lighting to accent your property and highlight your home. Here are some key questions to ask yourself during planning.

  • What do you love most about your yard?

  • How and when are you planning to use your outdoor spaces?

  • Is there a special architectural structure or feature you want to highlight?

  • When and where is security lighting most important?

Before learning the more technical details of landscape lighting, its helpful to first understand the different landscape fixture and transfomer options. Kichler Lighting provides a wide array of landscape lights and each have their own place in your project and a unique ability to light your outdoor space.

Landscape Fixture Types

Outdoor close up during the day of a light on the ground pointing up at a fence


Accent trees, create silhouettes and illuminate drastic features with our most versatile fixtures. Our newest options include Variable Lumen Output (VLO) technology – allowing you to get three lumen choices, from one fixture, for incredible flexibility. 

Shop all accent lighting here.

Small waterfall with uplighting highlighting its beauty

Water Accents

Heavy weight construction is filled and sealed with two types of premium encapsulant to ensure the fixtures are completely watertight. Shop water lights options here.

Close up of an in-ground light, uplighting against an outside brick wall at night


Embed in driveways, walkways, patios and more3 – the incredibly durable construction is easy to install in any hardscaping material and is designed to withstand the elements, car tires and foot traffic.

Shop in-ground options here.

Close up of a path light in a garden with a stone wall behind it and flowerbed around it

Path & Spread

Decorative fixtures and finish options deliver architectural beauty for any home space, while adding essential light around walkways, entryways, patios and more. Shop Path & Spread Lighting here.

Back patio at night featuring attached lights on the posts

Deck & Patio

Decorative and functional, our integrated deck and patio lights are optimized for all-weather performance and deliver clean, even light. 

Shop Deck and Patio lighting here.

Stone stairs outside at night with lights downlighting each step


Fully encapsulated design ensures the fixture will stand the test of time with no callback or replacement headaches. Ideal for adding safety and ambiance to patios, retaining walls, columns, fences, decks, steps, outdoor kitchens…you name it.  Shop Hardscape options here.


Kichler® transformers provide powerful and reliable options that can drive any professional landscape lighting system – from a simple lighting application to a sophisticated design. 

Consider purchasing a transformer that has voltage capability greater than your initial needs to ensure that any additional landscape lights can be added easily at a later date. Voltage drop causes unevenly lit fixtures and premature bulb burnout so plan ahead.

Offering greater flexibility at your fingertips are the Kichler Smart Transformer and Smart Control Timer. These work with the Kichler Connects™ app so you can digitally control your landscape lights from your smartphone, tablet or voice controlled home device. Learn more about Kichler Connects.

Ready to Get Started? Follow these Steps – 

Step 1: Assess your exterior and evaluate which lighting techniques you want to use.

Step 2: Based on installation requirements and your landscaping needs, select fixtures and accessories from one of our authorized dealers online or near your hometown.

Step 3: We recommend hiring a landscape contractor or electrician to install and finish the project right. This will prevent any issues and ensure that your landscape vision comes to light safely. 

Looking for a Contractor?

A landscape lighting professional can show you all of the possibilities and deliver the best, most efficient lighting to bring your home to life.

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