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      Effect Ideas

      Effect Ideas

      See the effect lighting can give your space

      Different lighting can take a drab den and transform it into a cozy reading nook. Or, turn a somber kitchen into an energizing gathering space. Until you see it for yourself, it’s hard to understand just how powerful lighting can be.

      Energetic Brillance

      It’s a crisp, cool day. Blue skies in every direction. Not a single cloud in sight. This is Energetic Brilliance: bright, invigorating light that floods an entire space.


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      Dining room scene


      Play with the placement of your fixture and you can have more than one mood in a room. 
      Choose from a variety of lighting effects to completely transform your space.

      Room Scene with bright directional light


      Directional light surrounded by a darker space keeps your eyes on what’s important.

      Calming Aura


      Deep breath. Unwind. Relax. A warm-toned, dim light helps the body and mind decompress.

      Natural Radiance

      Natural Radiance

      Both impactful and calming, Natural Radiance mimics the original lighting master: Mother Nature herself. 

      Romantic Glow

      Romantic Glow

      You walk into a room aglow with flickering light. Warmth radiates, but you can’t quite put your finger on where it’s coming from. This is Romantic Glow. 

      See Effects in Action

      Try out these lighting effects in different spaces and see how lighting effects can change the tone of the room. 

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