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Kitchen with white and black cabinets and marble countertops with two delarosa pendants hanging over center island

Indoor Lighting Guide

Here we shed light on some tips and tricks that will help with selection, final installation and everything in between.

Lighting Unique Spaces

Mid-century modern office at night with Cavelli chandelier

While we all know there are spots in our home that are important to decorate, there are some areas where we forget to add those special touches - like in a reading nook, office, entryway, or mudroom. By adding a hint of style, color, and the right light, you can breath new life into these unique areas of the home.

Laundry Room

Let’s be honest, we spend more time here than we’d like. Why not make this space one of style and tranquility with adorned shelves and a sparkling, modern light. Bright light will keep you energized and the touch of style will put a smile on your face. Plus, follow these tips and you will have the right lumination to avoid spilled detergent or mismatched socks! 

Laundry room during day with under cabinet lighting

Home Office

The office is an area that has so much potential for inspiring lighting design and décor. Something as simple as adding tape light under your shelves can completely change the feel of this space. Brighten up with a little greenery, a bold chandelier and some books, photos and travel souvenirs for an atmosphere that invites inspiration.   

Country chic home office featuring Botanica and Cahoon lighting during the day


Everyone loves a well-manicured bar area. And with glasses, bottles and fixtures to bounce the light off, it’s the perfect spot to play with lighting. Add downlights above the counter or bar area and tape lights in any shelves. And if you happen to have a floating counter like the one pictured here, you can even light the underside with channel lighting for an extra ambient glow. Bonus: fewer stubbed toes and spilt drinks! 

Home bar at night with three Zailey pendant lights hanging


The most often overlooked spaces in the home are nooks and tucked-away spaces. And there’s no better way to brighten them up than with a distinctive pendant light or a charming chandelier. Add an intriguing piece of art or a colorful vase to ensure a stunning statement in every corner. 

Cozy modern reading nook with Rayleigh chandelier

Galley Kitchen

Do you have a galley style kitchen? Kitchen spaces that are is more narrow can still make an impact with style. Galley kitchens tend to have cabinets and counters on either side of center walkway so the ceiling is an obvious place to start when it comes to lighting. Consider a ceiling light or chandelier fan that will illuminate the space and keep air flowing. 

Kitchen during the day with Eyrie chandelier

Space is of the essence in these types of kitchens so consider space-saving lighting ideas like tape and channel lighting or even a mini pendant over the kitchen sink. 

Life often moves at full speed. It’s easy to finish designing the main spaces of a home and move on. Add some unexpected joy to the home (and your life) by taking the time to curate those less obvious spots. You just might even mind yourself sneaking away to enjoy the perfectly unique space more often. 

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