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Indoor Lighting Guide

Here we shed light on some tips and tricks that will help with selection, final installation and everything in between.

Home Office Lighting Tips

Lighting has an impact on how we work, function, and feel. And there are few places where that’s more important than a home office. So, illuminate your office space with lighting that helps you focus and function. What a bright idea! 

Let LED Lead 

Whether you are up early working or burning the midnight oil, a lot of here is a lot of time spent in a home office. We recommend using LED fixtures or bulbs for health, wellness and environmental reasons. Unlike incandescent light which emits mercury and uses up energy, LED is much more energy efficient and safe for frequent use. The ability to choose your color temperature means you can increase your concentration, as the right light helps you stay alert. We recommend choosing a color temperature of at least 4,000K. Check out our Bulb & LED Guide for more info on color temp. 

Did You Know: LED stands for Light Emitting Diode? 

Close up on a modern farmhouse light bulb
Vases in Extra Warm White light, 2400 K
Layer Up

Ambient lighting plays an important part in brightening up your office. Downlights and recessed lighting are essential for most office spaces, and, when paired with a dimmer, can be great for always-on overhead lighting. Tape lighting with channels help add beauty as well as function. Placed within shelves, these lights can help highlight books and décor, while adding a more modern look to the space. And to keep things extra cool, you can add a ceiling fan or fandalier. 

Artist studio office at night with downlights and ceiling fan
Office with large square window and featuring a Cavelli chandelier
Don't Skimp on Style

Help add some cheer and a touch of character to your office space with a bright, shining statement light. Pieces like the ones in the Botanica or Cahoon collections will bring a rustic flair to your office space. It’s also important to consider desk and sconce lights for your space, to pair along with your statement light, to be able to adjust with your light throughout the day.

Close up of Botanica chandelier
Home office with a Botanica chandelier
Make Any Space an Office

Sometimes, a home office ends up being somewhere like a dining room or a kitchen table, and that’s ok too! Adding some simple sconces like those from the Capitol Hill collection can help make any space feel like an office. And tape lighting with channels under shelves add ambiance as well as drawing focus to important items.

One side of a living room focused on tape light details on shelves holding picture frames.
Living room in the daylight featuring Adlen chandelier lights

No matter where your office is, or what you use it for, make sure you consider lighting when setting up or revamping your home office. It will add a bit of brightness to even the dullest task. 

We love to see Kichler in the spotlight. Take a look at these home-office heroes who have given their space the ultimate lighting upgrade. Click the image to see the original IG post! 

Home office featuring ceiling fan and 3 desks for kids

Charley and Crew

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Built in green cabinets surround a desk space
Home office with clean white desk and bright daylight pouring in

Mariah Shealy

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