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Reading nook lit with a Rosewood wall sconce and shelf lights at night

Focused Intensity

Directional light surrounded by a darker space that focuses your eyes on the important things.

Kitchen in low-light with a Linara chandelier over the island while two Zeo and channel lights illuminate the back wall above the sink

Focused Intensity

You’re hiking through the forest, covered by a canopy of thick tree branches. You reach a spot where the sunlight breaks through the leaves and casts a perfect spotlight on the babbling brook ahead. Whether it’s under cabinet lighting illuminating your cutting board or a pendant light displaying a pottery piece from your recent travels—this effect is sure to catch the eye.

A forest with beams of sunlight breaking through the canopy

With the right fixtures, bulbs and dimmers, you can easily transform your home from a romantic evening to an energetic gathering space. 

For every space, there’s a lighting scheme that helps set the tone. From foundational lights like ceiling or rail lights, to more decorative lighting like pendants, Kichler can help you discover how different layers of light can enhance your space and set the right tone. 

Find out how you can set the stage and can create the right mood for entertaining, preparing a meal, relaxing or a romantic evening.

Create the Effect

Farmhouse-style living room lit by two sconces centered above the fireplace on each side of a mirror while a ceiling fan hangs above

Light Layering

You just have to know a few light layering basics. Add your imagination and the right lighting partner and you’ll be layering brilliant looks before you know it.

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Close-up of two lit Fulton pendants against a brick background

Color Temperature

Bright, cool white light (approximately 2700 and 3000 Kelvin) is ideal for creating the concentrated light necessary for Focused Intensity.

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Office scene focused on a large painting next to a plant with a boardroom table sneaking out from behind the wall while several DTC lights line the ceiling


To create this effect, simply direct concentrated light toward your desired focal point. Direct-to-Ceiling Gimbals allow directional change after installation.

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Head of a bed with two Axis pendants on each end hanging above side tables


Pendants can work perfectly in a bedroom Consider placing over on side tables, but be certain to select the luminaire with direction qualities. If you are focused on a task in the kitchen, office or garage under cabinet lights or downlights would work best.

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Get the Look

Colerne LED 52" 5 Blade Fan Black on a white backgroundDay time living room image featuring Colerne ceiling fan 300052DBK

Colerne Ceiling Fan

300052DBK (Distressed Black)

52" W x 17" H52"5 Blades


Fulton Cross™ 1 Light Pendant Black on a white backgroundProfile view of the Fulton Cross™ 1 Light Pendant Black on a white background

Fulton Cross Pendant

44223BK (Black)

9.25" W x 12.5" H x 10.5" LPendant1-Light


4U 8" 3000K LED Cabinet Light White on a white background

4U Series LED Under Cabinet Light

4U30K08WHT (Textured White)

4.5" W x 1" H x 8" L3000 K187 Lumens


Direct To Ceiling Gimble Gimbal Direct to Ceiling Light DLGM06R3090WHTProduct DLGM06R3090WHT without clips

Direct To Ceiling Gimble LED Downlight

DLGM06R3090WHT (Textured White)

6" W x 2" H x 15" L3000 K900 Lumens


4U 30" 2700K LED Cabinet Light White on a white backgroundKitchen with 4U27K30WHT 4U27K12WHT 4T116S27WH 43850NI

4U Series LED Under Cabinet Light

4U27K30WHT (Textured White)

4.5" W x 1" H x 30" L2700 K702 Lumens


More Kichler® Effects

Play with the placement of your fixture and you can have more than one mood in a room. Choose from a variety of lighting effects to completely transform your space.

A dinning room lit with Armstrong wall sconces and a Cleara chandelier over the dinning room table that's turned off at night

Calming Aura

Deep breath. Unwind. Relax. A warm-toned, dim light helps the body and mind decompress.

A lake lit by the suns glow through the mist during the early morning
Kitchen with a family preparing breakfast on the island while a lit Linara chandelier hangs above with Zeo ceiling lights in the background

Energetic Brilliance

Bright, invigorating light that floods an entire space, this is Energetic Brilliance

A silhouette of a child lit with white light running through a field outside
Reading nook at daytime illuminated by three ceiling lights above the fireplace, channel lighting on a mounted bookshelf and an Ellerbeck sconce above two nearby chairs

Natural Radiance

Both impactful and calming, Natural Radiance mimics the original lighting master: Mother Nature herself. 

A person riding their bike across a grassy mountain range
A couple in a dinning room lit with a gold erzo chandelier

Romantic Glow

You walk into a room aglow with flickering light. Warmth radiates from the room as a whole. This is Romantic Glow.

Close-up of a lit candle in a dark room with bokeh of other candles in the background
Kimrose chandelier in dining room during the day.


Find out what's new in lighting and design, hear from designers and other lighting professionals and find fun and informational tips to light up your life.

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Three Kichler catalog covers featuring pendant lights, a lit outdoor scene and a ceiling fan.


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