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      Bedroom Rayleigh


      It’s your sanctuary. Your go-to place when you need to take a deep breath and just be. The bedroom is where you regain your balance and get ready for the next day. It’s a retreat. A room deserving of the dreamiest lighting, no matter what time of day it is. Here you’ll find lighting ideas to tuck you in, gently wake you and help you make your bedroom everything you want it to be.


      Think Beyond the Bedside Lamp
      Think Beyond the Bedside Lamp

      You can have sparkly chandeliers, jazzy wall sconces that frame your bed and super cool ceiling fans that keep the temperature where you want it. Kichler Lighting can help illuminate bedroom lighting options. All you have to do is ask.

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      Stay in Control
      Stay in Control

      Hey, who has the remote? You do – and it lets you change more than the channel. Remote controls for ambient lighting like ceiling fixtures and dimmer switches let you adjust light up or down.

      Don't Forget about those Rooms – Off the Bedroom
      Don't Forget about those Rooms – Off the Bedroom

      …like the bathroom and the closet. Layering lighting can make all the difference in the beauty and functionality of these small but super important spaces.

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      Make Personal Style a Priority
      Make Personal Style a Priority

      Do you read at night? Swing arm lamps and pendant lights, perfectly positioned, can make all the difference – even helping create a reading nook that wasn’t there before. With the right chair and the right light, you can drift off in a little library all your own.

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      Downlights & Recessed Lighting

      Brightening up a bedroom can quickly turn your cozy space into a dream, and helpfully shine a light on the difference between navy and black.

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      Horizon LED


      See bedrooms lit by Kichler Lighting from our customers' real home projects

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