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September 9, 2019

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Bedroom Ideas for Kids

Arts and crafts supplies on a child's desk

Want to send your child’s room to the head of the class in style?  Tap into design trends for grown-ups and give them some kid spin for creative-chic spaces that make the grade, especially when it comes to lighting. See how our influencers, designers, and online community applied different trends to create chic retreats for their kids

Childs bedroom with semi flush light and lamp
Child's bedroom with square semi flush light and bunkbeds

We are of the opinion that a kid's room can still be chic...and Laurens (@houseofhire) home is a great example. Both the nursery as well as the shared boy's room are comfortable, minimalist decor and warm neutral colors make this space so stylish so almost forget it's designed for a small human! The nursery is lit by our Devin semi-flush ceiling light and the boys' room features Cahoon, add a nice touch of industrial to both spaces.

child's bedroom with Kichler ceiling fan
Child's bedroom with Kichler ceiling fan

Perfectly pink, @heycaitlintorres designed this soft and feminine little girl's sanctuary. The scalloped statement wall is paired with an eclectic rug for a room that is not only comfy but super cute. The minimalist white ceiling fan blends in and lets the interior decor shine while providing practical light and air circulation. In addition, we also love how she created a room for her older son that is stylish enough for a teenager, but playful enough for a younger kid. The bunk beds look like they are ready for a sleepover party!

Bonus tip: A ceiling fan is a great fixture for a nurse or kids room because it not only provides overhead but keeps the room comfortable and cool. It might even give the baby something to stare at. 

Child's room with Kichler ceiling fan and crib
Child's Dinosaur room with Kichler ceiling fan

However you decide to set up the kids' rooms, you can apply some basic bedroom style tips to make the best use of your space. Whether it's a statement light, ceiling fan, or illuminating a shelf, we have the right lighting to ensure your space is chic!

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