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December 6, 2022

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Dual Finishes

Close-up of Vey chandelier
Masterful Mixing of Metal Finishes

Metal finishes love company. Polished nickel mingles well with matte black. Golds and whites are quite the stylish couple. There is a longstanding home décor rule that begs to be broken: matchy-matchiness.

Every knob, faucet, fixture, and piece of hardware need not share the same finish or metal. And, you can bring in so much dimension with an eclectic mix that is a unique expression of your style. Start with these tips and you’ll be on your way to becoming a master mixologist. 

Close up of a black finish Alexia chandelier
Start Small. Think Big.

What can you do with a tablescape to enhance and complement your metals and finishes? Something as simple as salt and pepper shakers or copper mugs and pewter pitchers can play a lovely supporting role. Do you have a mantel? Built-ins? What about a picture frame in the same or complementary metal or finish as your fixtures? Or a piece of decorative art? Mirrors are another trick of the masterful mixing trade. They reflect metals and finishes and open up a space.

Living room with Shima pendant shining in the center
Be Mindful of What Mixes Well

Try to avoid mixing metals in the same color family. Brushed nickel and polished chrome will compete with each other, for example, while polished brass and brushed nickel may get along quite nicely. Want to know a little trick? Lighting is a very simple way to introduce even a third metal or finish into the mix. Fixtures like chandeliers and pendants are often physically far away enough to complement without clashing.

Close-up of Kadas chandelier in a white room
Become Well-Acquainted with Materials

Design confidence comes in knowing what you’re working with. From the tone of a metal to its texture, there are cues to selecting and combining like a pro. Metals like brass, copper, and gold warm spaces up. While chrome, silver or brushed nickel finishes cool things off. Neutrals like cast iron and black keep a look evened out. Hammered textures are perfect for rustic and vintage styles, and satin works exceptionally well with classic and new traditional looks. Use a brushed surface for eclectic or contemporary décor and an antique one for richer, time-honored looks.

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