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Indoor Lighting Guide

Here we shed light on some tips and tricks that will help with selection, final installation and everything in between.

Bedroom Planning and Selecting

Bedroom in the evening featuring Rosewood sconces

Just because your bedroom isn’t where you entertain guests doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel as beautiful and stylish as the rest of your home. In fact, since this space is typically just for your family, take the opportunity to make it extra special and unique to showcase your specific design tastes. Using the right light in your bedroom can calm you for sleep, brighten your wake up routine and put tasks like reading or studying in a whole new light.

Layer for Maximum Impact

Don’t let your bedroom fall victim to the décor ‘don’t’ of downlights only. It’s easy to think you only need enough light to see in your bedroom, but layering a combination of ambient and task lights can transform your bedroom into your new favorite place to read, relax and unwind.

Bedroom during day with Ali chandelier
Bedroom at night with Channel lights embedded in the ceiling
Focus Areas

Frame your bed with sconces or pendants over each nightstand. This both looks visually appealing and gives you additional light for reading in bed or to see essential nightstand items like glasses. Additionally, if you have seating, consider framing the space with sconces or wall lights that showcase your space. This visually breaks up your room and helps it appear larger and more defined.

Bedroom at night with Annabeth pendants
Close up of Rosewood sconce
Comfortable and Cool

Many people like to sleep with a light breeze, making the warm covers feel extra cozy. Consider a fan centered in the room that provides air flow and acts as a stylish accent. For added illumination consider adding downlights evenly spaced in the room as well. 

Bedroom with Maeve ceiling fan
Bedroom with Icon ceiling fan
Don’t be Afraid to Make a Statement

Chandeliers in the bedroom are as popular as ever. Whether ornate or stunningly simple, a bedroom chandelier can serve as the main piece of visual interest in a bedroom, leaving space for a more simplified design motif. In general they should be 7 feet above the ground and consider the placement of TVs and standing clearance, but read more about sizing on our chandelier installation guide. Add a dimmer for extra control over the effects a chandelier can cast on your slumber spot.

Close up of a black finish Alexia chandelier
Bedroom with Stetton chandelier
Elements to Consider

It’s important to take your ceiling height into account when deciding what light is right. Pendants should be 36” above a table and pay attention to where the pendants are placed to make sure you don’t bump your head getting out of bed, head to our pendant planning and selecting article

Another thing to consider is the temperature of the bulbs you use in your fixtures. Warm temperatures are more calming and less jarring when waking up. However, if you have a vanity in your room, consider a lighted mirror or bright sconces to ensure a flawless morning routine. And finally, a bedroom is nothing without a proper closet, so don’t forget to light that space right as well. For more tips, see our article on closet lighting. Setting up a room for your kids? Learn more ideas on our blog for kids bedroom spaces

Bedroom vanity with Thelma wall sconces
Bedroom with gold Annabeth pendants during the day

Lighting your bedroom is one simple way to elevate your space and turn the place where you sleep into the space you love.

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