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      Why Landscape Lighting


      Achieve that look. Bring your home's best features to life by creating a dramatic effect with shadowing or illuminating paths and entryways. And, since the fixture is as important as the light it gives off, you can select from a variety of styles and finishes to find the look that’s best for your space—whether it’s path lights along a walkway or a fixture that matches your patio furniture.


      Create functional, livable spaces outside around pools, decks or patios with the right light. A wide selection of fixtures and color temperatures allow you to create unique lighting effects, while different applications and timers give you easy control at your fingertips.


      Besides adding curb appeal to your home, landscape lighting gives off essential illumination for nighttime navigation and helps ensure safe passage around decks, patios, and entryways.


      Landscape lighting works to provide additional security at night. The right lighting system can illuminate a home’s dimly lit spots making for a well-lit outdoor space.

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      Get more beautiful and livable outdoor spaces while enhancing the functionality and safety of your home after dark. Our beautifully styled products stand up to the harshest wind, cold, rain and UV rays.

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      Integrated LED Landscape Lighting

      Variable Lumen Output

      3d render exploded view of VLO lighting internal components
      Variable Lumen Output (VLO)

      Integrated LED with VLO Technology allows you to easily switch between three lumen outputs without mechanically adjusting the settings on the fixture — eliminating the increased failure risk or long-term reliability concerns associated with a mechanical adjustment.


      The magnetic adjustment switch allows you to easily choose among three brightness levels, giving you the ability to create customized lighting effects. This is especially helpful as foliage grows or your lighting needs change with the seasons.


      Custom optics deliver center-to-edge uniformity for clean and clear light definition at each brightness level. This means there will be no scalloping or halos which ensures you deliver precise and uniform light.


      6,000-volt surge protection guards against power irregularities that can be a hazard to LED landscape lighting. 9-15 volt operating range to assure consistent light output throughout a run.


      Integrated, fully sealed and encapsulated LED fixtures keep all critical components protected against the elements. This protection extends to the all-important magnetic switch, which is kept safe from moisture.

      Light the way

      Create an elegant atmosphere in your garden and illuminate your walkway with our selection of pathway lighting.

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      Don't take our word for it, let our customers show you how Kichler is shaping up their space.

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      Project Planning for Pros

      Impress your clients by staying within the budget and the timeline. We’re here to help you check all the boxes, from initial design and product selection to project success. 

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      Landscape Lighting Tips

      Let your landscape lighting illuminate every occasion and invite people into your home safely and beautifully by highlighting walkways, architectural elements, gathering spaces, water features and more.

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      Let your landscape lighting illuminate every occasion and invite people into your home safely and beautifully – highlighting walkways, architectural elements, gathering spaces, water features and more. A landscape lighting professional can show you all of the possibilities and deliver the best, most efficient lighting to bring your home to life. If you have landscape lighting questions or need help bringing your project ideas to life, we’ll help you find a lighting contractor near you.