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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

About Kichler®

Why should I choose Kichler?
At Kichler, everything we do, every single day, is with the intention of creating and delivering products that allow people to see what matters most to them. We will do that by relentlessly pursuing ever better quality, ensuring continued innovation, always going one step further in our commitment to exceptional customer service and education, as well as creating on-trend designs that are both stylish and “life-stylish,” promising to deliver project success for you. Are Kichler fixtures manufactured in the US?
Kichler fixtures are manufactured in China. Reclaimed wood products are made with subassemblies from China and up-cycled wood from the US. The finished product is packed for final installation in our Cleveland headquarters.

Compliance and Privacy

Is my information safe?

For more information, please see the Privacy Policy

General Lighting

How should I prepare when shopping for lighting?

You can find out more information on planning and selecting lighting in our indoor lighting guide.

How do I order Kichler products?

Kichler products (lights, fans and accessories) are available through our network of showrooms, retailers and dealers. Go to our dealer locator to find a dealer or online retailer in your area.

Do you have dealers in Canada?

Yes, we have dealers in Canada. You can find the one nearest you on our dealer locator.

Do you have dealers outside of North America?

Yes, we do, but in order to ensure the correct shipping charges and calculate exchange rates properly, we ask that all orders for outside of the US and Canada go through: International Sales at

Bulb Color – What should I get?

Wherever possible, use the same color bulbs in all lights in a room so the tone of the floors, surfaces, walls, etc. will be the same intensity. You can learn more in our bulb and LED guide.

Casting or Stamping – How are they different?

Casting is generally heavier with more detail and even more durability, whereas stamping is lighter and usually has less detail. Generally, cast fixtures are slightly more expensive than stamped products.

Where can I get an instruction sheet?

Every Kichler product has an instruction sheet available for download on its product page or contact us.

What is the difference between damp & wet locations?

Learn more in our Outdoor Lighting Guide.

What does ENERGY STAR® Qualified mean?

Learn more about Regulations & Legislation.

What does drive-over rated mean?

Drive-over rated means for static loads up to 4600lbs. Products that are drive-over rated are great for driveways, walkways, and entrances.

Which dimmer can I use for my indoor lighting system?

With Low Voltage Systems, the power supply drives dimming compatibility. For all applicable Kichler fixtures and power supplies, please refer to the dimmer compatibility list.

Is there a minimum load requirement for Kichler power supplies?

Yes. The recommended load for direct wire power supplies is between 35% - 90%. Please refer to specific product spec sheets for additional details.

Customer Care FAQs

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Installation and Care FAQs

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