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Frequently Asked Questions

Installation and Care FAQs


What is the best way to install my new lights or ceiling fan?

There are installation instructions included in every lighting or fan box we sell as well as on our product detail pages on If you are at all uncomfortable with the instructions, we recommend you contact your local Kichler dealer for a referral to a licensed contractor or electrician. If you need help installing your chandelier (or any light), we recommend you contact your local Kichler dealer for a referral to a licensed contractor or electrician.

Please note: If a chandelier is heavier than 50 pounds, it will need to be mounted more securely to the ceiling or wall, so make sure there is enough support. For more tips, see our Chandelier Installation Guide.

Do you have instructions so I can hang my fixture on a light lift?

When using a Kichler fixture with a light lift, contact the light lift manufacturer for installation instructions.

Cleaning and Care

How do I clean my fixture?

Before starting, be certain the electric current is turned off before cleaning.

  • Polished Metal, Painted Fixtures and Glass

    • Remove any glass shades and hand wash them.

    • Dry polish and dust all metal, painted and wood parts.

    • Dry fixtures and glass thoroughly with a lint-free cloth; this is particularly important on textured glass finishes as they tend to catch lint easily. You can also let the glass air dry.

  • Things To Avoid

    • Glass is not dishwasher safe and we recommend only hand washing.

    • Avoid abrasive cloths or cleaners and products with ammonia or alcohol - this includes metal polish.

    • Stay away from general purpose household window or glass cleaners – these types of cleaners could damage the coating on the fixture.

  • Other Fixture Maintenance

    • LED Tape Lighting Care: Use a dry cloth to clean unless covered by a lens, whereby a slightly damp cloth can be used.

    • Downlights, Recessed, and Ceiling Fixtures Care: a slightly damp cloth can be used on the acrylic diffuser, followed by a dry cloth.

    • Ceiling Fans Care: Finishes and glass can be cleaned in the same manner as decorative fixtures. However, you will want to take extra precautions to ensure no moisture or cleaning products enter the vent openings of the motor housing; we suggest using a dry cloth around this area.

    • Landscape Lighting Fixtures: Clean the fixture to remove all debris and use gentle soap and water if you need to. Calcium, Lime & Remover (CLR®) can be used to remove lime deposits from lenses.

To learn more, see our Lighting Cleaning and Maintenance Essentials article.

How do I clean my LifeBrite™ fixture?
  • Normally, a mixture of powdered Spic and Span and water works well for general cleaning or maintenance.

  • Bon Ami or Bar Keeper's Friend also works well to clean these surfaces while not scratching the surfaces.

  • For tighter spaces, use a soft-bristled toothbrush in conjunction with cleaner.

  • Rinse with a damp cloth to remove residue of cleaners.

  • Dry / buff with soft cloth to prevent spotting from cleaning.

How can I protect the finish of the Landscape Lighting fixtures?

A silicone spray can be used to help protect the finish on all fixtures. In coastal areas, some contractors use PlastiDip®, a clear flexible coating which can be used to protect the fixtures from the effects of the salt air.

How often should I change the Landscape lamps?

You'll want to change the landscape lamps at least once a year – twice a year may be required depending on your usage. When changing lamps, use a corrosion-preventative compound on the base of the bayonet-based sockets as well as the pins on the MR 16s. Integrated LED fixtures do not need to be replaced.

What’s the best way to protect sockets and components?

Where you have metal sockets or components, use a corrosion-preventative compound to help prevent corrosion. What are some practical tips to maintaining Landscape Lighting fixtures?

  1. Straighten fixtures and remove or cut back excess plant growth.

  2. If you have one, leave behind a diagram and list of equipment for your landscape design and tape it to the back of the transformer panel.

For additional help or information, please contact your local contractor or Kichler representative.

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