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      Kichler Connects On Smart Device


      Connects™ App

      Control Your Lights From Anywhere

      The Kichler Smart Control Timer and Kichler Connects™ app work together to digitally control your landscape lighting.


      Now easier than ever to turn your lights on

      Our Smart Control Timer and Kichler Connects app work together to digitally control your landscape lighting with a smartphone, tablet, or voice-controlled home device in minutes. With the app you can create custom on/off schedules, sync multiple transformers, and use one-step, preset scheduling for easy set-up.


      Animation PM & AM Schedule Option
      Smart Timer working together with the Kichler Connects app

      The Advantages of the Smart Control Timer

      Bluetooth & WiFi
      Bluetooth & WiFi

      Operates with Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi for cloud and location-based control, including astronomical scheduling, to align with the daylight savings hours and the changing seasons.

      Unique External Antenna
      Unique External Antenna

      The external antenna allows for long-range connectivity and control by extending the signal range from the transformer enclosure, providing strong performance in more applications.

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      Transformer Options
      Transformer Options

      Fits within our Contractor Series, Plus Series, and Pro Series transformers as well as certain competitive units.

      Transformers Compatibility Chart
      Smart Home Devices
      Smart Home Devices

      Voice Control via Amazon® Alexa® or Google Home® lets you tell your landscape lighting to turn on or off.

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      Installation As Easy As...

      Step 1

      Plug In Smart Control Timer

      With the help from a Kichler Lighting Landscape Contractor, plug the Smart Control Timer into the compatible transformer.

      Step 2 Download Kichler Connects App

      Download Kichler Connects™ App

      Go to the app store on your smart device and download the Kichler Connects™ app. 

      Step 3 Add Device

      Add A Device

      Select to add the Smart Control Timer device to digitally control your landscape lights.

      Landscape Lighting In Front of House

      Ready To Go

      With the pre-set schedules already in place, you're all set and ready to go! Shop the Smart Control Timer to get your project started.

      Learn More From The Experts

      Easy To Use Wherever You Are

      App App helpful tips App helpful tips
      Leaving For Vacation?

      Just open the app and set your schedule.

      Can't reach the phone?

      Just tell your smart device to turn your landscape lights on.

      Impromptu Gathering

      Just open the app and set your lights for an entertaining glow.


      Download From The App Store

      Kichler Connects Icon Landscape Path Light In Front Of House


      Our Kichler Connects™ app works with iOS and Android™ devices and is available for download in the Apple® App Store® and Google Play®.

      Download from iOS App Store®

      Download from Google Play® App Store


      More App Support
      Kichler Connects Icon Kichler Connects App Download from GooglePlay or Apple Store


      © 2021 Kichler Lighting LLC. All rights reserved. Kichler Connects™ is a trademark of Kichler Lighting LLC. The Bluetooth®  word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. Google Home®, Google Play® and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. Android is a trademark of Google LLC. Amazon®, Alexa® and all related logos are registered trademarks of Amazon Technologies, Inc. Apple® and the App Store® are trademarks of Apple Inc. IOS® is a registered trademark of Cisco.



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