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      elan lighting

      The perfect light can elevate a space and set a mood. It can serve as an art form with geometric shapes, curves and distinctive finishes. élan offers all this and more, delivering a variety of contemporary and minimalistic pieces.

      elan jestin
      elan Jestin


      Minimalism is both a decorating style and a way of life with élan. Both of these interpretations follow the same principle—functionality. Minimalist decorating breaks down a room into necessities. Everything must have a purpose. So, it’s easy to see why lighting is such an integral part of minimalist design.

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      Elan Collage Priam Night with Fireplace
      Jovian Chandelier Koloa 84312CG


      "Jovian was inspired by the Memphis Modern design movement of the early 1980s. This movement utilizes bold geometry in an unapologetic use of space that is as striking as it is playful. Jovian creates a beautiful and consistent plan of light and practically disappears when not in use giving an exciting and impactful illusion every time it's turn on."

      - Alisha Snyder, Product Designer


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      Jovian Chandelier Modern Dining room Romany 84314CG
      Koloa Elan 84312CG


      “Koloa was inspired by inflated rectangular furniture and lighting that was seen during design week in Milan. The tailored rectangle becomes relaxed with soft corners and a wider midsection.”

      - Amanda Gardner, Product Designer


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      Koloa Elan 84312MBK Koloa

      Shine in unexpected ways

      Perfect for bathrooms, powder rooms, dressing rooms, hallways, and foyers, LED mirrors provide a flattering glow with their delicately etched glass border and sleek style. Plus, these beautiful mirrors provide a full-face glow as well as defogging capabilities and dual-color temperature - offering brighter light during the morning hours and cooler, relaxing lighting during the evenings. Our LED mirrors are also equipped with a dimmer, so clients can set the mirror to the perfect light no matter the time of day.

      Mirror Vanity Tape Lights Day Time Mirror Vanity Tape Lights Day Time

      See How Kichler Lighting Transforms This Space



      Contemporary is current and constantly evolving. Today’s definition might be clean lines and smooth surfaces, but tomorrow’s might be different. Contemporary takes a deep breath and relaxes, settling into the groove that is this moment.

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      élan Inspiration

      The passion of art. The beauty of light. The allure of élan.



      Find out what's new in lighting and design, hear from designers and other lighting professionals and find fun and informational tips to light up your life.



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