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May 8, 2020

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Black Finishes

Art Deco Rustic Kitchen Abbotswell 43498BK
The Timeless Beauty of the Black Finish

Black is back. But really, did it ever leave? It’s the new neutral. It’s the finish of choice that can make a dramatic statement that owns a space, or simply is happy complementing what’s around it. As a finish, it’s a classic that never goes out of style.

What the little black dress is to a wardrobe, a black finish is to home décor. It works beautifully with what’s trending, like saturated colors and earth tones, and it can be an integral part of any style. From lighting fixtures to faucets and hardware to appliances, black finishes bring a refined and elegant look to your home.

Complement Most Any Décor Style

If you’re into art deco or vintage, black finishes can make the look. They can be avant garde or 1930s-inspired. They’re naturally modern in a classic kind of way, bringing a timeless feel to your contemporary décor. Black finishes in your lighting can add unpolished authenticity to your modern farmhouse style. Get creative. Even small accents like dishes, plant stands, and frames with black finishes can bring eye-catching sophistication.

Dining room at night with Moorgate 7-light chandelier in black.
Detail of Ciri pendant in matte black
Mix It Up With Metals

Black has such an elusive character, and that’s part of what makes it so classic. It’s not warm, but it’s not cold. It can be dramatic yet elegantly subdued. Try mixing black finishes with other metals, from chrome to brushed nickel, bronze, and everything in between. Black hardware and faucets with bronze lighting fixtures create a luxe look that’s warm and welcoming.

Head to our Dual Finishes blog for more on mixing metals.

Bathroom during the day with Vionnet vanity light turned on.
Dining room table with Armand 12-light chandelier in black.
Pairs Well with Everything

Pair black finishes with white for a stunning contrast. With rich color for a luxe look. Even with pastels. Want to give a powder blue bath some stopping power? Put black finish sconces on the wall and go with black finish hardware. Patterns, textures, and natural materials also work beautifully with black finishes. Think at-home spa or Italian-inspired outdoor space.

6 Light Baland chandelier in a living room turned on during the daytime
Inspired by the timeless beauty of black finishes?

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