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      Industrial Living

      Loved by urban dwellers, embraced by suburban neighborhoods, and right at home in a country farmhouse, anyone (anywhere) can achieve this warehouse-inspired style. Taking cues from old factories and 20th century buildings, Industrial Style combines utilitarian-inspired design with worn textures and simple nods to nature.

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      What is Industrial?

      "Industrial has been transforming over the past few years into a more detailed and refined aesthetic characterized by more sophisticated finishes and. cleaner silhouette. With fine detailed and polished surfaces that owe as much to fine furniture and high end jewelry as they do factories and industry" 
      - Greg Martin, Kichler Creative Director

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      So what makes the style stand the test of time?

      Lighting Options
      Lighting Options

      From vanity lights with clear seeded glass to pendants with black metal, mesh or fabric shades, this look shines with old-world charm. Clean lines in metal, leather or wood help refine the style. Look for fixtures with exposed bulbs or wire cages for a quintessentially industrial look.


      Accents in black or gold with exposed metalwork give this look a factory-floor flair without the splinters. From lighting fixtures to faucets and hardware to appliances, these finishes bring a refined and elegant look to your home.

      Mixed Finishes and Materials
      Mixed Finishes and Materials

      Incorporate mixed finishes and textures to keep this style from looking too much like a warehouse. Rounded edges and neutral colors give this look a warm touch. Don't be afraid to mix up finishes, style and materials. If you just add a little mix into your match, the doors of décor begin to open.

      Mix & Match Your Décor
      A Look for Any Space
      A Look for Any Space

      Industrial isn't all rugged and warehouse-style. It's exposed metals, leathers, and weathered woods with textured, decorative pillows and throws, round-edge furniture, and polished accent frames. It mingles industrial ruggedness with soft, smooth edges. Want to add a more farmhouse feel to your industrial look? Incorporate weathered wood tones, wrought iron hardware and organic shapes.

      Mix Farmhouse with Industrial
      Bathroom Harvan vanity

      Luxe Bathroom Looks

      Luxe style is all about cosmopolitan elegance and refined, high-end takes on the current trends. What better place to show off your style than the room where you get ready for your day.

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