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February 8, 2021

3 min


A Luxe Look in the Bathroom

Lifestyle bathroom of modern bathtub and decor.

When you think of luxe décor, the bathroom may not be the first room you think of. But maybe it should be. Luxe style is all about cosmopolitan elegance and refined, high-end takes on the current trends. What better place to show off your style than the room where you get ready for your day. Get the luxe-hotel bathroom feel in your own home with some style tips that help create that perfect luxe look in the bathroom and make you feel like you just left the spa.

Mix, Match, and Mix Again

From finishes to materials, the luxe look is defined by stylish contrast. Do you love industrial design? Throw a luxe twist on the trend by adding dark metal contrasted with brick, or use a more organic material like polished cement for a luxe but refined statement wall. You can also feel free to mix finishes, like a matte with a shiny. The black metal on these Harvan™ vanity lights contrasts with the polished nickel accents for the perfect spotlight on luxe.

Brick wall bathroom with Harvan vanity lights and Menillo mirror
Shine in Unexpected Ways

Unexpected adornments are a hallmark of this luxurious style. A vanity with a pop of color, a chandelier where you’d least expect it, or a mirror that surrounds itself (and your reflection) in a glamorous glow. A stylish LED mirror invites you to bask in its flattering shimmer, while the illumination shows a delicately etched glass border for a luxurious surprise.

Bathroom with Marette vanity lights and Ryame mirrors.
Close up of a black Trentino 9-light chandelier.
Create Drama Where you Can

A simple bathroom can become the height of luxury with a few simple flourishes that amp up the drama. Adding a large planter to your space can create a pop of color while cleansing the damp air. A gold-framed mirror in a large, geometric shape can set a new tone for your room. And back-lighting mirror and room features can create a luxe lighting effect sure to stun. LED tape lights set behind large room accents or mirrors can create the right kind of drama.

LED Tape lights in modern bathroom.
Highlight the Details

Similar to adding drama, simple detailed touches like a rock sculpture or a pop of color can create a luxe feeling. But to make sure those details don’t get lost, highlight them with LED tape and channel lighting to show off your sparkling style.

Close up of black Moonlit pendants.
Lifestyle image of stacked stones on wooden bathroom countertop.

Decorating with a luxe touch is a simple way to change the look of a space. Since it works with nearly any décor style, a pop of luxe is a quick change you can make to liven up your bathroom. 

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