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March 1, 2019

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There's More Than One Way to Farmhouse

3 Montauk Mini pendants hanging over Farmhouse style kitchen

Weathered wood tones, wrought iron hardware and organic shapes come together to create contemporary pieces with a cozy feel. Combine these essentials with other farmhouse-inspired décor, and you’ll create a room that’s not only laid-back and livable, but also fresh and inviting.

Bring a cozy feel to your space.

Warm, weathered and inviting – today’s farmhouse look is far from the past, yet fully inspired by it. Whether you want an entire home filled with a farmhouse feel, or just a touch of the look, consider these key elements when designing your space:

  • Exposed beams – Over a fireplace, on the ceiling or surrounding a doorway.

  • Rustic wood components – Incorporate reclaimed or vintage-looking wood for floors, furniture, cabinetry or accent items.

  • Neutral walls and backdrops – Choose crisp white or soft creams.

  • Aged or vintage-inspired pieces –Worn and weathered pieces are key.

  • Prominent metals – Wrought iron, industrial gears and grommets, and wire/mesh components can serve as focal points or accents.

Personalize the modern farmhouse trend.

The farmhouse trend isn’t one size fits all. Personalize the look to match your style with these variations:

  • Classic Modern – Start with bright white walls then bring in contrasting tiles and dark stained woods, black frames or brass accents. Bring the look together with: Jenson, Peyton, Telan, Alden, Devin, Elata, Rocklyn, Moorgate

  • Cozy Rustic – Incorporate soft colors like creams, browns and light greens as well as unstained woods, chicken wire inlays or other classic farm elements. Bring the look together with: Cahoon, Brinley, Braelyn, Colerne

  • Western – Corrugated tin accent walls add a fun, industrial feel. Incorporate western gear, cowskin rugs, antlers or windmills into artwork and accent pieces. Bring the look together with: Kearn, Lucian, Ahrendale

  • Bohemian - Variety is essential, with Native American-inspired pieces: old baskets, weathered woods and Aztec throws. Mix neutral colors with blues and oranges. Bring the look together with: Brisbane, Lakum

  • Urban – Less is more: neutral colors, simple textures and minimal accessories. Bring the look together with: Marquee, Rumer, Avery, Cobson, Elbur

  • French – Think of your favorite French café and let the look guide the details: pastels, white enamels, scrollwork and tin accessories. Bring the look together with: Montauk, Birkdale, Karlee, Versailles, Belle

  • Cottage – Cottage brings a touch of old-world to farmhouse, without the Tuscan flair. Use cream or gray as the base, then incorporate pops of color: bright greens or vintage yellows. Bring the look together with:Hayman Bay, Keller, Chalkboard sconce, Argyle

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