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Kitchen with white and black cabinets and marble countertops with two delarosa pendants hanging over center island

Indoor Lighting Guide

Here we shed light on some tips and tricks that will help with selection, final installation and everything in between.

Unique Lighting Applications

Modern kitchen featuring a hydro wall shelf garden with variety of cabinet and shelf lighting

Shine in unexpected ways with tape and channel lights. Contrary to chandeliers and pendant lights, these are designed to downplay the look of the fixture, but maximize the stunning effect. Light designed with channel and tape applications feel as if light is emanating from a hidden location, casting an ambient glow from unique angles. And there are so many ways you can use them. 

Get Creative with Channels

Kichler channel lights are designed to fit with most pendant accessory cables, so you can flip the switch on channel lights at almost any length or angle you like. Channels give you the ultimate flexibility. 

Office with blue wall, wide desk and overhead channel lighting.
Design with Light

Anywhere you want light, there’s a Kichler solution. With in-wall channels, tape lighting can become an integral part of a room’s design—and a functional part of your space: any space.

Bedroom at night with Channel lights embedded in the ceiling
Shelf Lighting

When placed in shelves, tape lighting can shine a light on a unique collection, highlight closet shelves or give new life to a stunning garden wall.

Closet featuring both a mini chandelier and downlights that are lit
Modern kitchen featuring a hydro wall shelf garden with variety of cabinet and shelf lighting
Under Cabinet Lighting

Illuminate the essentials and let your kitchen shine with under cabinet lighting. Brighten up everyday kitchen tasks, while bringing depth to your kitchen design. Another option is to install tape lighting under the cabinets illuminating the floor, this is called toe-kick lighting.

Cabinet nook filled with pottery and wine featuring downlighting
Kitchen with three lit Montauk pendants in light blue with a Farmhouse Montego Lantern Style Lamp on the countertop and Under Cabinet Lights throughout
Sparkling Stairs

Place channels under stairs for a look that’s both practical and pretty. Perfect for wooden stairs, this lighting effect provides a polished look, while shining useful light at night. 

Interior steps at night lit with lights
Bathroom Brightening

Not just for the kitchen or living room, use channel lights in the bathroom to highlight architectural features and illuminate mirrors. 

Close up of woven shoes by a lit side table
Vanity with Ryame lights around a mirror and at the end of the floor

Clearly, nothing lights up a space quite like tape and channel lights. Their versatility of tape lights turns your entire room into a lighting canvas, while the unique design configurations of channels illuminate new, creative and unexpected inspiration. 

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