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      Baile Chandelier


      An element of simpler living combined with inspiration from the nature that surrounds us, Homestead breathes life into any space.

      The Inspiration

      A dreamy mix of romance and rustic, the Homestead Collection was inspired by the cottagecore style and created to shine a light on old-world beauty.

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      Influencer Spotlight

      antique close up on shelf

      When putting together a room, I always suggest adding something that’s vintage- a second hand item from a thrift shop or a special antique. It gives age and depth to a room that adds personality.

      At Home With Ashley

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      Freesia and Cottagecore antique collage

      Designed with Intention

      See how our designers developed this iconic Homestead Collection.

      Melis chandelier Breakfast nook in the day time with Melis Chandelier


      “For this design, I was inspired by the handle of a honey dipper.  The carved wood detail, along with the warm finish, encompassed the warmth of the homestead lifestyle.  It also evoked the feeling of being in a kitchen on a ranch.  I wanted to take this detail and use it on a chandelier, bringing that same feeling into the design.”

      - Amanda Gardner, Manager: Design

      Melis chandelier
      Melis chandelier Breakfast nook featuring Melis
      Vetivene Close-up chandelier Sitting Room Vetivene


      "Vetivene celebrates humble touches of slower living. The finish and hardware are reminiscent of agrarian tools, while the glass invites a warm, nostalgic feeling for simple moments in the kitchen. Acting in concert, this design offers elevated simplicity for the home."

      - Alisha Snyder, Product Designer

      Vetivene Chandelier
      Vetivene Close-up chandelier Vetivene Animation of with and without Shades
      Topiary chandelier Living room in the day featuring Topiary detailed Chandelier


      "When I saw this antique plant stand, while walking through a rural antique market in Ohio, I was drawn to its delicate, calligraphic linework. I knew that I must design a piece based on this for our Homestead release. The Topiary chandelier, with its flowing lines and form, makes a statement that is airy yet bold."

      - Greg Martin, Creative Director

      Topiary chandelier
      Topiary chandelier Cottagecore Living room in the day time with Topiary chandelier