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      LED Tape Lighting

      LED Tape & Channels

      How To Build A System

      Planning is a critical piece to installing tape lighting. It starts with selecting the right light source and ending with the right accessories. Before starting a project, ensure to have all the necessary compatible components to build your tape lighting system.

      Step 1

      1. Select Light Source

      From residential to commercial grade, select the appropriate light source based on required output, voltage, and application.

      Step 2

      2. Select Supply Leads and/or Interconnects

      Connecting your low voltage system together requires the right supply leads and interconnect accessories. These allow you to link your tape to another run, to low voltage wire or to the power supply.

      Step 3

      3. Select Power Supply

      Having the right power supply to complement your system voltage and total project watts will work to deliver consistent, reliable energy to not only illuminate, but extend the life of the lighting fixture.

      Step 4

      4. Select Accessories

      Accessories, like splice boxes or channels, can enhance the system installation and performance. Extruded aluminum channels aid in installing tape in walls, ceilings or even floors while both protecting and gently diffusing the light.

      Installing LED Tape Lighting


      Tape & Channel Resources

      Office with tape and channel lighting

      Power Supply Planning 101

      Learn the ins and outs of how power supplies work, the importance of having a plan in place, and the tips and products you need to get started.

      Pro extruded channels with tape lighting

      Tape and Channels - Tips To Major Renovation

      LED Tape Lighting has found its ideal companion – channels. Together, they give you amazing potential, limited only by your imagination.

      Bedroom featuring tape lighting with channels

      Installation Planning for Tape with Channels

      Tape lighting must be hardwired into your electrical system, making planning critical.


      Sample Where to Buy Map

      Where to Buy

      Find a lighting showroom for advice and design consultation from trusted lighting experts, connect with an electrical distributor for your indoor project needs or a landscape distributor for any outdoor lighting systems, or shop online.



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      Getting help from customer care

      Customer Care

      We’re here to offer expert advice and to support you each step of the way. If you need further information from Kichler Lighting, contact our Customer Care Department. 

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