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Bead Collection 

Bead Ceiling Fan 


3 Blades 

3000 K 

Size:54" DIA x 12.25" H

Clean, simple styling makes the Bead 54 inch 3 blade fan timelessly contemporary. Its Brushed Stainless Steel body hugs the ceiling for a low-profile style, ideal for up to 9 foot ceilings. Create contrast with Satin Black blades or symmetry with Silver blades. They're reversible, so the choice is yours.  

Finish:Brushed Stainless Steel


Product Details

At a Glance

Integrated LEDIntegrated LED
Energy EfficientEnergy Efficient


  • Reversible Blades


  • 3 Speeds

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Day time living room featuring Bead fan 300315BSSNight time living room featuring Bead fan 300315BSS

Bead Ceiling Fan

300315BSS (Brushed Stainless Steel)

54" DIA x 12.25" H54"3 Blades

$ 325*