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Living room during the day with tan walls and gold painting featuring a Cleara chandelier with gold finish


Glam has a magic to it, and it’s easy to bring into your décor in a big way or a small one.


Living room with Shima pendant shining in the center


It’s luxurious. It’s all that glitters. Glam does not, however, have to be the drama queen or make a loud scene. It actually has a sensibility and a flexibility that can make it more gracious or more grandiose—without being overpowering.

Living room with fireplace and featuring an Alexia chandelier above a large table and couch.

Key Glam Characteristics

Two Birkleigh pendant lamps with black finish and white shades

Geometric Patterns

In the era of The Great Gatsby, big, bold geometric shapes and patterns reigned supreme. They ruled architectural and visual design, and can still be just as attention getting in your home.

Close up of a bed with dark purple throw pillows and dark sheets

Get Extravagant

Glam gives you free rein to get as luxe as you wish. Lush velvet. Opulent trim. Faux fur. Satin. Whoever said you can’t have a chandelier in every room? The trick is achieving your unique balance of understated and overstated to make the most sublime statement.

Gold and silver unique shaped vases on a mantle between two windows

Add Interest with Accents

Deciding what it is you love about Glam can help you give the décor more drama. If it’s the Old Hollywood history, go on a hunt for vintage movie posters. If you love everything sparkly, find interesting pieces like bejeweled mirrors and gold or silver-trimmed accents.

Living room with Kadas 8-light chandelier in polished nickel over fireplace.

Catch the Light

Glam is shiny and sparkly. It’s smooth and glossy. It’s shimmery and loves to show off. A mirrored table with a pendant is a nice Glam touch, as is a crystal chandelier near a window or a mirror reflecting Art Deco lighting.

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The Art of Glam

Explore All Styles

Daytime image of a rustic kitchen with Karthe chandelier


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Dining room with long wooden table featuring a Moorgate chandelier


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Contemporary dining room with Moderne chandelier hanging above a table


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Bedroom at night with Channel lights embedded in the ceiling
Kadas chandelier in living room with fireplace.

Art Deco

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Branches sconce hanging next to a built in shelf during the day

Mid-Century Modern

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Porch at night with Pier pendant lights and sconce


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Bedroom at night with Ali 6-light chandelier and Ali wall sconces in brushed natural brass, lights turned on


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Industrial style dining room and kitchen featuring a Cuyahoga Mill chandelier


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Kimrose chandelier in dining room during the day.


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