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      Home Office Lighting


      Home Office Lighting Ideas

      Working from home is most enjoyable if you have a functional and efficient space to check things off the list and the right office lighting is key. Create a unique office space that helps you balance both creativity and productivity all in the comfort of your own home

      Home Office Design Ideas

      Use tape lighting for the home office home office desk with tape lighting and hardstrips in shelves, 4U30K

      Brighten up your shelves

      No matter where your office is, or what you use it for, make sure you consider lighting when setting up or revamping your home office. It will add a bit of brightness to even the dullest task. Try adding tape lighting to the bookshelf behind your desk and be the envy of everyone on the conference call.  

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      Use tape lighting for the home office channel and tape lights inside book shelves
      A collage of desk lighting ideas Close up of school supplies on desk

      Illuminate your work spaces

      With kids at home work spaces end up being anywhere, like a dining room or a kitchen table, and that’s ok too! Adding some simple task lighting with sconces or cabinet lights cab any space feel like an office. Check out how some of our influencers have set up their kids with work spaces that wow!

      Featured Influencers: nikispender, charlieandcrewdadnikki.vs,

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      A collage of desk lighting ideas 3 different kids school work areas

      Home Office Lighting Tips

      Homework Isle
      Homework Isle

      The kitchen can be so much more than just a place to cook. The heart of the home often becomes the second (or only!) home office. Island pendants provide perfect task lighting for Zoom calls or homework sessions. Looking for more kitchen lighting ideas?

      Kitchen Ideas
      Crafting the perfect craftroom
      Crafting the perfect craftroom

      Does your home office double as a creative space? Whether you're a craft enthusiast or an artist who works from home, a well set up craft room is a game-changer. When it comes to setting aside space for a craft room, the options are as limitless as the projects you can create.

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      Choosing The Right Color Temperature
      Choosing The Right Color Temperature

      Tip: Using the same color temperature lights throughout a room will give a clean even feel to the space.

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      Style matters
      Style matters

      How you style your home office will set the tone for the work you’ll get done. Does your work require focus? Is it driven by creative inspiration? These are questions to consider as you determine your decorating style. Photo: West Bay Homes

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      Lighting for Wellness

      We hear all the time about how to maintain our health and wellbeing. Exercise. Sleep. Healthy food. So, would it surprise you to know that light also plays a large part in your health, wellbeing, and mood? Well, it does, and in some surprising ways. 

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      outdoor patio with woman doing yoga, Kevlar Fan

      Office Inspiration

      See offices lit by Kichler Lighting from our customers' real home projects



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