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      Entryway Lights and Foyer Lighting


      Entryway Lighting

      The entryway. It’s the place you greet guests and say farewell. A spot to place mail and take a final look before heading out. Dress it up or make it functional. Your entryway has a lot of possibilities and with the right lighting, you can transform it into an unforgettable area of your home.

      Entryway Design Ideas

      Ellerbeck sconces for foyer lighting Ellerbeck Sconces in Black and Gold, 43115BK, 43115NBR
      Mixed Metals Entryway

      "For our entryway we put DIY board and batten halfway up the wall with hooks that spanned the entire wall. This inexpensive project cost under 100 dollars. Then above the board and batten we installed a statement mirror and a sconce from Kichler Lighting. Our entire entrance is extremely functional but also beautiful. We mixed black and gold metals in our entrance. I recommend always adding a mirror in your entrance to bounce light, make it feel brighter and more welcoming."  

      - @jessicasaramorris

      Ellerbeck Sconce
      Ellerbeck sconces for foyer lighting Jessica Morris Entryway design with Ellerbeck 43115BK
      Solander pendant for foyer lighting Solander Pendant, 82316
      Absolutely gorgeous addition to my foyer

      "The light fixture is a mix of elegance and edginess. The Solander 3 Light Pendant paired well in my farm house inspired entry way, but the design and color would match any decor. It was easy to install, but I am a pretty handy DIY'er. All hardware was included and the instructions were clear and concise. Well made light fixture and so stylish and modern. Very welcoming light in my entrance."

      - Piperdr, Alabama

      Solander Pendant
      Solander pendant for foyer lighting Front door at night with Pendant Solander, 82317

      Inviting Lighting for Entryways


      Pendants combine form and function in a truly stellar way. As versatile in style as they are in their options for placement, we’ll show you how pendants can light up your entryway  room like no other light can.

      Pendant Planning
      Small Space Tips
      Small Space Tips

      Don’t let square footage be the boss – let lighting be the solution. From a entryway or half bath to a studio apartment, the right lighting can make all the difference.  Think of it this way: size doesn’t dictate style, it simply gives you a set of parameters.

      Small Space Solutions
      Brilliantly Light Your Art
      Brilliantly Light Your Art

      Have a piece of art or a mirror that you would like to feature in your entryway? Place sconces on each side to frame the area and add illumination to the space. Mirrors add depth to a space and allow for a quick final check before heading out for the day.

      Install a Wall Sconce
      A welcoming first impression
      A welcoming first impression

      With your front porch or doorway area, you have a chance to welcome guests to your home before they even set foot in the door. Porch lights or wall lights work best when placed above shoulder height to keep direct light out of your eyes.

      Outdoor Lighting Placement
      Mudroom, 8406NI

      Master Your Mudroom

      Mudrooms are the perfect spot to organize coats, bags, and shoes. Just as the organization of a mudroom is essential, so is the lighting. Lower profile fixtures add ambient light to the space and are available in looks that add style and charm to a room. Learn more on our blog.

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      Mudroom coat hooks and storage drawers


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