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November 1, 2019

3 min


Master Your Mudroom

daytime scene of mudroom complete with laundry and sink lit by a Pier pendant

For a tidy transition from outdoor life to indoor living, a mudroom is a great solution. That’s why this small secondary entry area has been popular for generations.

However, today’s mudroom is capable of being much more than a place to kick off wet, muddy footwear and shed coats. With a bit of planning and creativity, it can be a multi-functional, stylish space that handles a variety of tasks within a small footprint. 

Ready to master your mudroom and make it work better for you and your family?

Start here. 

Lighten up.

If your mudroom is dimly lit (as secondary entry areas often are), that can be easily fixed with a layered lighting strategy. Here, the Pier™ convertible pendant delivers diffused ambient light that’s bright enough for basic functions and navigation, so everyone can find what they need when heading out early in the day or coming home at night. 

Under-cabinet task lighting helps with countertop activities, delivering focused light without harsh reflection. LED tape also adds helpful illumination but serves as a mood-maker too, by using light to accentuate key design elements throughout the space.  

Wash & dry, fluff & fold at the point of entry.

By creating a laundry center along one wall, this space takes the concept of mudrooms (to keep dirt out of the main areas of the house) to a new level by making it fast and easy for dirty clothes and wet pet towels to go where they should go—directly into the wash. For items that require rinsing or soaking before being laundered, the large farmhouse sink is ideal.

a mudroom with storage holding backpacks and jackets featuring lights and artwork
Get smart about storage.

Utilize every square inch and then some with shelving, drawers, baskets, and bins. Go high, go low so adults and kids have equal opportunity to show how tidy they can be.  Use higher spaces to store seasonal or less frequently used items. And think a bit out of the box. Locker room-style cubbies with hooks and bench seating with storage drawers create a familiar setting for kids and bring back fond memories for adults, too. Who wouldn’t want to stash their stuff here?

Corner of a mudroom with shelves and drawers containing miscellaneous apparel
Open drawer containing a charging phone, keys, sunglasses and miscellaneous office supplies

Lower open shelving is also ideal for housing footwear and pet leashes and toys—items that are easy to trip over when left scattered across the floor. Remember to dry and remove debris from footwear before placing it on shelves and use baskets to keep things organized.

Corral electronic devices.

This is a challenge in most homes (especially if you have kids) but it doesn’t have to be. By outfitting a drawer with built-in electric outlets, it becomes a charging station for phones and laptops that everyone in the family will be vying to use. Problem solved (and counters will be more clutter-free, too).

Counter top with two Undercabinet lights shining onto the surface
Create a communication command center.

Make it easy to organize messages for family members with a dry erase board.  Baskets or bins and a pencil cup will help keep the space tidy. So will a small tray that serves as a catch-all for keys and the random things that get dumped from pockets at day’s end.

Bench in mudroom surrounded by household items such as shoes, backpacks, umbrellas, books, etc.
Wood ceiling with a Mascarello mount light glowing
A final touch.

Add a non-slip floor mat on both sides of the door, plus hook for jackets and scarves. Indoor plants can be added to corners of the room for a natural decorative touch. If you have a bench area, add pillows and of course, don't forget the overhead flush mount.

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