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      The Malone mini pendant used as a dining room light fixture

      Dining Room

      Dining Room Lighting Ideas

      It’s the place you get together. Whether it’s Monday night dinner, a holiday gathering or a homework haven, your dining room can be a true reflection of personal taste – beyond the food on the table. Your dining room has some serious possibilities, and the right lighting can make it everything you want it to be.

      Dining Room Style Tips

      Bulbs for dining room lights Armand 26 inch  Chandelier Black and Bronze without the canopy on a white background

      Swap Bulbs,  Switch Styles

      One simple way to switch up the style of a light fixture is to switch out the light bulbs. Round, globe bulbs are more modern and give a mid-century vibe. Candelabra lamps offer a more traditional design and are a great way to enhance the updated traditional style of a space. Featured: Armand

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      Bulbs for dining room lights Armand dining room chandelier shown with candleabra bulbs
      Gold Finishes Product image for 52418BNB

      Nothing Shines like Gold

      Gold accents can spruce up a space and take it from fine to fabulous. Gold is a staple of almost every decor style, so no matter what your home looks like, you can add a pop of shine. Featured: Baland

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      Gold Finishes Day time dining room image featuring Baland 52418BNB



      So here’s a myth buster: you actually don’t need a giant dining room, a tall ceiling and a huge table for a chandelier to make a statement. Have a long table? Try a linear chandelier. Want to make your silver sparkle? Go with LED lighting. Dining room lighting can make a lasting statement, long after the guests leave.

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      Planning & Selecting
      Planning & Selecting

      Your dining room is often so much more than a place for entertaining. It can become a homework hotspot, a quick substitute for a craft space and an impromptu game room. So it’s important to choose lighting for your dining room that meets the needs of your family and your space. Consider a few things when selecting your dining room lighting.

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      The Case for Clusters
      The Case for Clusters

      Lighting can cast an even more dramatic statement when mixed or matched. For an ultra-modern look cluster the same pendant but in three different sizes to add a subtle statement of style over a dining table.

      Pendant Planning
      ADD A SCONCE…OR 2, OR 3
      ADD A SCONCE…OR 2, OR 3

      Sconces are leading men and ladies in disguise – so why not see how their performance can change up your dining space? Tall ones can make your small room seem larger. And a line of them on one wall can make a large room seem epic.

      How to Install a Sconce

      Chandelier Planning & Selecting Tips 

      Chandeliers adorn your space like jewelry for your room. They sparkle, they accent, and they’re designed to be seen. From round to rectangular, there are so many shapes and sizes. But how do you know the right one for your space? We have a few key tips to help. 

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