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April 8, 2024

2 min


Picture Perfect

Image of a painting on a wall lit with a Midi wall sconce above the painting

The art and accents you choose in your space are what make your home personal to you. Paint colors and furniture can certainly tell a style story but what you hang on your walls almost always has personal significance. As some of the most important items you use to adorn your home, it would be a shame to keep them in the dark. That’s where picture lights come in.

Part accent light, part beautiful fixtures in their own right, picture lights are the cherry on top of a beautifully decorated room.

Den wall painted deep green with an arrangement of numerous pictures of varying sizes lit by three Midi sconces
Minimalist, Contemporary and Traditional Compatible

As the trend toward updated traditional décor continues, picture light sconces are the perfect pairing for your room. Instantly attention-grabbing, they elevate the look of any space, regardless of style. Picture lights are one of the easiest ways to upgrade your look. They’re sleek, subtle while casting a classic and captivating light.

Beyond their classic good looks, picture lights are perfectly practical. They shine light on art and accents to illuminate their full beauty. Also adjustable, picture light sconces can be moved up and down to ensure each artifact is lit in its best light.

The Carston Picture Light fits perfectly into that focus. With its sleek and adjustable design, Carston has enough to style on its own.

The Midi

The crisp, delicate design of the Midi Picture Light adds a thoughtful finishing touch to your space. Art on the wall or accents in your space aren’t complete without light shining their way to direct your focus. The adjustable arm lets you point the light toward your artwork while three finish options let you adjust the look to your room.

The polished nickel finish is a warm-toned metallic that adds a subtle shine that works well with a variety of styles. A warm, muted brushed gold tone, Champagne Bronze™ is elegant and timeless with a refined matte sheen. Black is a simple yet neutral finish that adds refinement to any setting.

Tips to Make it Shine

The width of your picture light should be half to two-thirds the width of your artwork, distributing light evenly across the entire piece. Aim to create focused lighting that highlights the key elements of the artwork. Adjustable picture lights with swivel heads like Midi let you direct the light precisely where you want it. Additionally, consider glare and shadows, which can detract from the viewing experience. To minimize glare, adjust the lighting angle to find the perfect position to illuminate your artwork or photograph.

As you can see, picture lights are about more than just the art they’re highlighting. Picture lights stand alone as a beautiful fixture, shining focus on other accents while never stealing the spotlight.