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      Bathroom Vanity Lighting


      The bathroom is the main space where you groom and get ready—which is why proper lighting is so important. Starting your morning off on a bright note (and avoiding shower puddle slips) can set the stage for the rest of your day. Now, what mood are you trying to set?

      Bathroom Lighting Ideas

      Mirror Innovation

      LED mirrors illuminate the whole space, emitting even light all around you. With dimming and temperature control features available on some models, you can customize to create your best light. Featured: Menillo and Martell

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      Night time Bathroom featuring Harvan vanity light Menillo

      Let Your Bathroom Shine

      Doing a lot of 'at home' beauty treatments lately? There’s no reason your bathroom can’t be both functional and beautiful. Get the best light for your bathroom, from basic grooming to ultimate relaxation. Featured: Pim and Talland.

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      Bathroom Lighting Ideas

      Add Some Light
      Navigate at Nighttime
      Navigate at Nighttime

      Late-night trips to the bathroom call for a directive, guiding glow. Skip the hall night light; instead opt for low-voltage lighting above a cabinet or toe-kick lighting in a a larger master bath.

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      Keep it Cool
      Keep it Cool

      Pick out cooler temperatures for your bathroom, as these will mimic natural light and give you a clear understanding of what you look like. We recommend an energy efficient LED with a temperature of 2700 Kelvin.

      Choose the Right Temperature
      Explore New Collections
      Explore New Collections

      Designed with spaces in mind, we are introducing the latest design trends, styles, and space ideas to help you envision your perfect look. The new collections have the lighting inspiration you are looking for.

      New for Bathrooms
      Bathroom Ansonia

      Sconce Installation Tips

      Learn how to install a sconce so it can highlight the best parts of your life and home.

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      Bathroom Voclain

      Bathroom Inspiration

      See bathrooms lit by Kichler Lighting from our customers' real home projects

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