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      Energetic Brillance


      Energetic Brilliance

      It’s a crisp, cool day. Blue skies in every direction. Not a single cloud in sight. This is Energetic Brilliance: bright, invigorating light that floods an entire space. Whether you want to liven up your kitchen for entertaining or bring more energy to a home gym, downlights and flush mounts supply the ultimate pick-me-up to leave you feeling awake, rejuvenated and ready for anything that comes your way.


      With the right fixtures, bulbs and dimmers, you can easily transform your home from a romantic evening to an energetic gathering space. 

      For every space, there’s a lighting scheme that helps set the tone. From foundational lights like ceiling or rail lights, to more decorative lighting like pendants, Kichler can help you discover how different layers of light can enhance your space and set the right tone. 

      Find out how you can set the stage and can create the right mood for entertaining, preparing a meal, relaxing or a romantic evening.


      Create the Effect

      Light Layering
      Light Layering

      You just have to know a few light layering basics. Add your imagination and the right lighting partner and you’ll be layering brilliant looks before you know it.

      LEARN to layer
      Color Temperature
      Color Temperature

      Crisp, cool light (approximately 3000 Kelvin) mimics the sun. It is perfect for adding brightness that reaches every nook and cranny of your space.

      learn about kelvins

      To flood your space with light, direct fixtures both down and diagonally. Add lighting under kitchen cabinets for an extra pop.

      Start Planning

      A few recessed & downlights with flush mounts can be used to maximize the overhead light in your space, and use under-cabinet lighting to liven up the kitchen.

      Downlights & Recessed Lighting


      Play with the placement of your fixture and you can have more than one mood in a room. 
      Choose from a variety of lighting effects to completely transform your space.

      Room Scene with bright directional light


      Directional light surrounded by a darker space keeps your eyes on what’s important.

      Calming Aura


      Deep breath. Unwind. Relax. A warm-toned, dim light helps the body and mind decompress.

      Natural Radiance

      Natural Radiance

      Both impactful and calming, Natural Radiance mimics the original lighting master: Mother Nature herself. 

      Romantic Glow

      Romantic Glow

      You walk into a room aglow with flickering light. Warmth radiates from the room as a whole. This is Romantic Glow. 



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