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November 22, 2022

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Holiday Styling Tips from MojisStyle

MojisStyle's Living room decorated for the holidays featuring a Kichler chandelier

The holidays are here! Whether you are already done decking the hall or ready to start decorating, we wanted to offer some advice from one of our Influencers in terms of where to start, what to focus on, and how to make your space look fabulous for the holidays! Read Moji's interview with us to learn more and check out her Instagram page, Mojisstyle to see more glam spaces.

When do you start decorating for the winter holidays?

I start quite early! As a content creator it is important I have my ideas already executed so I can share and inspire people who might be on the hunt for that special decor for their home. A perk of that is I get to have my holiday decor up longer, with plenty of time to enjoy it.

This time of the year, is magical, opening a pathway to my old childhood memories through decorating. It puts my kiddos in the festive mood early and it is just a magical period of time, beaming with excitement! 

MojisStyle's bedroom decorated for the holidays
MojisStyle in her kitchen
MojisStyle's bathroom tub with chandelier hanging overhead
How long does it take and how do you approach it? One room at a time? Knock it all out in one w/e?

Christmas decorating is always a BIG task. Because I like to decorate my entire house, I take, it’s a marathon and not a sprint approach, so starting early allows me to enjoy the process. It typically takes about 2 weeks to fully decorate my home. But with many breaks built in. My sister and I have a tradition of decorating. This adds to the enjoyment of the process, one room at a time. To reduce feeling overwhelmed, we start with an easier space like my entryway or bedroom, and then move to the main Christmas trees. 

How do you plan for your winter holiday (or any holiday) decorating? Do you have a vision? A theme?

Planning for holiday season decorating starts earlier during the year, which allows me to take advantage of off-season pricing and sales. Before starting my decorating process, I typically consult with my sister, who is a seasonal holiday decorator to create a vision of that year’s holiday theme. After we conclude on the theme, then I’ll take inventory of what  I already have from previous years, buying just a few key/accent pieces to compliment what I have at home already.

What three things in a home would you recommend to make the biggest holiday decor impact?

The 3 things that I would recommend for the biggest holiday decor impact are: 

  1. Christmas Tree - it's usually the main focal point for the season

  2. Garland - versatile in application indoor and outdoor, lit and unlit 

  3. Wreath - for a simple no fuss decor

MojisStyle's living room decorated for the holidays
MojisStyle posing in her bathroom
MojisStyle's spare bedroom
Do you have favorite sources where you buy holiday décor?

I like to shop around for most of my holiday decorations, but some of my favorite sources for holiday decor are Balsam Hill and At Home Store. I always find beautiful holiday decor selections from these stores to add to my collection. 

Has your holiday décor style changed/evolved over the years? And how?

Yes, my holiday decor style has evolved over the years. Now, I like to invest in quality pieces that will last longer over buying several smaller items that I may have to get rid in a few seasons. 

And if so, what did you do with your previous décor pieces?

Most of my previous holiday decor pieces are added to my holiday decorating because it’s a collection over time. For example, I typically use my older ornaments as filler and my newer quality ornaments are used as the finishing pieces. 

Ready to get started with your holiday decor?

Check out some ideas for quick refreshes you can do for your holiday guests or start looking for some new or updated fixtures to complete the look.

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