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December 9, 2020

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Spruce Up for the Holidays

Lifestyle shot of a coffee table with a candle. books, and a plant in a vase

The holidays are coming whether you are organizing a large gathering around the table this year or much rockin’ around the tree with a smaller group, your space deserves to have some style. Here are a few understated décor ideas to take your space into the holidays and beyond. 

Bring the Outdoors In

Literally. The best way to make your home feel spruced up for any season is to grab some seasonal foliage and incorporate it into your décor. This season it’s all about the greenery. Add a few branches of evergreen to a simple, modern candle holder to give it a seasonal spin. Pick up anything you can find outside like pinecones or branches and add them to tabletops, bookshelves and mantles for an unmistakable holiday look. For an extra stunning sparkle, find a light fixture that incorporates the outdoors like this wooden Cuyahoga Mill™ chandelier, that features reclaimed wood from throughout the U.S.

Lifestyle image of holiday decorations of a reef with foliage and a candle
Lifestyle image of a wooden dinning room table that has been set with silverware and plates for a dinner
Brighten Up

Nothing says cozy winter nights like candlelight. If you’re working from home, light a candle when work is done to signify the shift of turning off the computer and turning on the warm holiday memories. You can even mimic this candlelit feeling with lights that feature a candle-like look. This sconce from the Branches collection brightens up the room with a simple sleek look that even the animal residents will love. And if you put it on a dimmer, you can’t go wrong day or night.

Lifestyle image of a living room with a dog sitting in the room on the rug with
Lifestyle image of an end table decorated with two candles and some spruce tree leaves
Add Cozy Texture

Isn’t it wild how a luxurious faux fur throw can take a simple style seamlessly into the holidays? Blankets, velvet pillows and plush woven accents are the perfect way to cozy up in winter. Add a textured pendant or chandelier to help the feeling of comfort shine down from above.

Lifestyle image of a grey couch with yellow and pinks pillows and a blanket with a vase full of wildflowers next to it
Lifestyle imager of a bench with a white fuzzy blanket draped over it
Let Colors Pop

If your home décor meanders toward minimalist, add a pop of color with decorative accents in colors that complement the season. A soft pink can be an unexpected play on the reds of the season and pairs well with the greenery of holiday style. Just make sure to light your colors right. If you have colorful decorations on a shelf, use tape and channel lighting to augment your accents.

Lifestyle image of a grey jug vase filled with pink and violet flowers on a shelf
Lifestyle image of a white dinning room table top that has gold finished silverware and dishes for a dinner

Even if the holidays are a little smaller this year, that doesn’t mean they should be any less stylish. With the right touches and a little bit of love, the holidays can feel full of cheer.

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