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      See the effect lighting can give your space. 

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      There is no "one light fits all" solution when it comes to lighting a house. Each space can evoke a certain mood with its own unique style—and we're here to help establish what works best in your home.

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      Industrial Style Style Icon


      Industrial style features exposed metals, leathers, weathered woods with texture, decorative pillows and throws, round-edge furniture, and polished accent frames. It mingles industrial ruggedness with soft, smooth edges.


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      Industrial Style industrial style collage of frames chandelier and Gentry Fan
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      Home Office

      No matter where your office is, or what you use it for, make sure you consider lighting when setting up or revamping your home office. It will add a bit of brightness to even the dullest task. Try adding tape lighting to the bookshelf behind your desk and be the envy of everyone on the conference call.


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      Space Icon Office Channel ILS lights
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      Energetic Brilliance

      This effect brings more energy to a bathroom with lots of bright light that floods an entire space. Extra lighting fixutres and natural light from windows is the ultimate pick-me-up to leave you feeling awake, rejuvenated and ready for anything that comes your way.


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      Effect Icon Bright Industrial Bathroom with Martell LED Fixtures

      Finish Trends

      Day time dining room image featuring Kimrose chandelier 52413BNB

      Gold Finishes

      Anything but traditional, gold is a staple of almost every décor style. So, no matter what your home looks like, you can add a pop of shine.

      Day time dining room image featuring Birkleigh pendant 52072BK

      Black Finishes

      Black, the finish of choice that can make a dramatic statement that owns a space. A classic that never goes out of style.

      Dining room featuring Alexia 52048BKT

      Dual Finishes

      You can bring in so much dimension with an eclectic mix of finishes. Start with these tips and you’ll be on your way to becoming a master mixologist.



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