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      exterior front door at night with Estella wall lights


      Mix, Match & Maximize with Outdoor Lighting

      The style of your home shouldn’t be limited to the space within your walls. The décor outside your home can set the tone for your style, even before you set foot in the front door.

      Lighting in a backyard, patio or outdoor space should mimic and highlight the nature surrounding it. Think of the colors of the flowers, the shapes of the leaves, the textures of the branches and soil, all coming together to create a dramatic, diverse, and beautiful landscape. Now think about what it would look like if everything looked the same. If it all matched. Pretty boring, right? That’s why it’s important to create an outdoor space that’s as diverse as the nature surrounding it. Here are some outdoor lighting ideas to mix it up for a look that blends in with the great outdoors. 

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      Mix Your Finishes

      Popular today in jewelry, mixing finishes is a simple way to keep your patio, deck or outdoor space from looking too uniform. When mixing finishes or metals, it’s important to keep a few things in mind.

      Two to three metals is the maximum you want to mix. Any more will get distracting and confusing. You can either opt for opposing colors, like black and brass, or stick to a similar cool or warm shade, like chrome and nickel. This doesn't only apply to lighting, consider the finishes of your outdoor furniture, door hardware, or outdoor kitchen knobs as part of your mix and match plan. 

      It’s easy to see how pairing this bronze Barrington pendant with black Carlson wall lights will make the pendant pop. Exterior fixtures do not have to match, so have fun mixing outdoor lighting for your front door, backyard, patio or even small balcony. 

      Mix Your Styles 

      When it comes to lighting, different décor can be mixed to create its own unique style. When mixing styles, make sure you only mix two, because more than that can create a statement that sends some mixed signals. For example, this rustic Morelle chandelier will sparkle even more when paired with two lodge-inspired Montview wall lights. Craftsman, mission or Spanish style, Kichler has the right fixtures for your outdoor space. 

      Mix Up Textures

      When talking textures, you can mix the texture of the finish, like shiny with matte, but you can also mix the texture of the glass. The clear seeded glass on this Lahden wall light casts an ambient glow, and pairs well with the etched glass of the LED Linford wall light, which shines down to brighten up any entryway.  Light up the exterior of your home using fixtures with unique textures to create visual interest and make every visitor feel right at home. 

      Match One Trait

      When mixing and matching, it’s easy to get carried away (this is pretty fun after all!). One way to avoid going overboard is to make sure at least one trait matches. Whether that’s an accent color, a style, a finish or the glass type, having one trait in common will keep the space from looking cluttered and unfocused. 

      However, you choose to mix, or match, your outdoor lighting, fixtures are a simple way to transform any space.

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