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      LED Guide

      LED Mirrors Add Light to Any Space

      A mirror is a reflection of your style. Figuratively as well as literally. It shines back to you all of the design choices that you love about your home. So when a mirror can be both a style reflector as well as a style staple, that’s when you know it’s the right choice.

      LED mirrors do just that. They’re lit from within and give a warm, bright feel to your home, with the added benefit of illuminating what they’re reflecting. And they’re functional. Some mirrors like the Chennai mirror are dimmable, so you can get just the right light. Others, like Menillo come with both dimming and defogging capabilities.

      Spaces to Shine


      There’s nothing LED mirrors are better suited for than to provide a glow for your morning. From getting ready with brilliant light to a dimmable glow to light your vanity, LED mirrors are perfect for a bathroom of any style. Beyond style, LED mirrors can provide the right light for daily make-up and skincare routines. Selecting a mirror around 90 CRI is ideal for the best makeup application

      Bathroom-Brettin-85092PN-Detail-Day-1B.jpg 84171_Closet_Ryame_ExtrudedChannels_Detail.jpg


      Wouldn’t it be nice to be welcomed home to a beautiful glow? An LED mirror in your entryway can reflect back a breath of fresh air as you enter—and serve as a quick place for touchups on your way out. 


      Living Room

      A functional focal piece, an LED mirror in your living room can make your space appear larger by reflecting back your room. A warm, candle-like glow that comes from the mirror can create an ambiance of calm and connection. Over a fireplace is a great place for a mirror, or swap out the artwork over your buffet table for an illuminated mirror and add an extra layer of light to this well-used space. 

      living-room-Priam-84313MBK-Overall-Night-2A.jpg LivingRoom-Colerne-Marquee-300052NI-44298WWW-Night-1200x1200.jpg

      Dining Room

      Gather around to hear about how an LED mirror can turn an ordinary dinner into an evening of conversation and connection. By creating a mood of relaxation, a warmly lit mirror can invite guests to linger and enjoy the evenings. Consider sconces on each side of the mirror if your mirror is not lighted, or even if it is! Extra layers of light provide options to set the mood of a room whether it's a romantic dinner or a fun daytime brunch. 


      Bar Area

      We’ll raise a glass to turning a lackluster bar area into a bright spot of cheer. An LED mirror above a bar area can act as a beacon to a beautifully decorated space designed for raising spirits, no matter the scale of the space. Easily pair with a stylish cabinet and elegant barware, and you're ready to mix your favorite drink.

      Dining-Ocala-52602CPZ-Overall-Night-On-1A-1080x1080.gif 52614NBR-Bar-Erzo-Overall-Day-1A-PDPPrimary-WideRoom-LgLeft-1080x1080.jpg

      Choosing a space for your lighted mirror is just the start. Still have questions about LED mirrors? Check out this video for more illuminated mirror tips from a lighting pro.

      Saving space while providing a shine that doesn’t cast directional shadows, there’s a reason LED mirrors are a staple everywhere from backstage dressing rooms to front entryways. Let yourself shine with LED mirrors.

      Learn more about the benefits of LED.

      Why LED?