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      Walk way lit with landscape lighting


      Landscape Lighting Techniques

      A great landscape lighting design can wow your friends and neighbors. Using a variety of techniques brings your home into an all new light.

      The play of light and shadow on walls creates a beautiful visual appeal.  There are multiple techniques that can help create the effect you want.

      Wall-Wash Lighting Grazing In-Ground Lighting


      Silhouette Lighting Hardscape Lighting

      Wall-wash Lighting

      This technique delivers a subtle, low amount of light to a wide area, up close to the structure, with minimal hot-spots and density.


      Utilize this technique to add depth and dimension to stucco, brick, stonework or architectural features of a home or building.

      In-ground Lighting

      Deliver light to permanent and semi-permanent installations such as sidewalks, large mature trees, walls and flagpoles.


      This technique directs the eye to the textures, shapes and height differences of items in plant beds, adding depth and ambiance.

      Silhouette Lighting

      Draw attention to an interesting shape by lighting a vertical surface behind the object to accent that unique shape.

      Hardscape Lighting

      Highlight stone features, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, steps, handrails, benches and more.

      Lighting up pathways, walkways and garden edges is both functional and appealing, making walking safer and beautiful.

      Depending on your application, you may need different techniques.

      Xeriscape Lighting

      Path and Spread Lighting

      Deck and Patio Lighting

      Xeriscape Lighting

      Cacti, grasses and the stone used in xeriscape designs benefit from lower lumen illumination than traditional landscaping.

      Path & Spread Lighting

      Illuminate sidewalks, stone pathways and lawn walkways while adding a hint of intrigue to boulders and plant beds. Spread lighting uses a path light inside a landscape bed to illuminate the plantings.

      Deck & Patio Lighting

      Accentuate the beauty and details of decks, patios, outdoor kitchens, steps, handrails and other vertical features.

      Create beautiful effects with the play of light through leaves or water. 
      These techniques can bring a sense of calm and wonder to your yard.

      Mirror Lighting

      Moon Lighting

      Underwater Lighting

      Mirror Lighting

      Create dream-like water scenes by strategically lighting background areas around bodies of water that then reflect the landscape off the water.

      Moon Lighting

      Placing a fixture high in a tree catches the details of branches and leaves, emulating the look of moonlight.

      Underwater Lighting

      Enhance and highlight flowing water in waterfalls, streams and fountains, creating a magical mirroring effect on still waters.