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      Ocala flush mount


      Flush Mount Lighting Planning and Selecting Tips

      There’s something uniquely satisfying about lighting your space perfectly. The fixtures elevate your style and the light in the room perfectly illuminates your daily life. Flush mount lights are an important part of your lighting scheme, but are sometimes overlooked in favor of more flashy fixtures like a chandelier.

      Flush mount lights are exactly what they sound like, light fixtures that sit flush with the ceiling. They provide a broad glow of ambient light and can subtly shift the style of a room. Here are a few tips for finding the flush mount that will create a source of light and style in any space.

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      Room Considerations

      Ceiling Height and Room Size

      The bigger the room, the bigger the flush mount. This allows for both the look and the light to match the space. There’s a simple rule of thumb you can follow to find the right size. In feet, add together the width and length of the space you want to light, then convert this sum to inches. This should dictate the approximate width of your flush mount.

      Room Function and Lighting Needs

      Think about how you use the space you’re trying to light. If you need a lot of light, consider a slightly larger flush mount or combine it with sconces or downlights. If the room is single use, like a laundry room or an office, one beautiful flush mount and a lamp should be the perfect fit.

      Style and Design Preferences

      Contrary to popular belief, flush mounts come in a variety of beautiful styles. From modern to traditional to vintage, a flush mount can add style to your space with the flick of a switch.

      Flush Mount Types

      When you hear flush mount, you may picture a dome light with hardware in the middle, but flush mounts have made some stylish leaps forward.

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      A drum flush mount is shaped like a cylinder, featuring a light inside the drum, like the Florent flush mount, that features tapered white etched glass shade and clean black metal frame.


      The shade on shade flush mounts can take various stylish shapes. With its continuous transition between the canopy and shade, the Sisu 1 light semi flush exudes a soft elegance.


      A round flush mount like Riu brings effortless, energy-saving illumination. Inspired by modern minimalism, its disc and tube forms keep it simple.

      A Stylish Alternative
      52602BK-LivingRoom-Ocala-Overall-Day-1B-LivingRoom-Ocala-Mid-Day-Day-1A-PDPPrimary-WideRoom-LgLeft-1080x1080.jpg 52601CPZ-Kitchen-Niva-Alt2-Detail-Day-1B-LifestyleDetail-AdditonalProdCrop-1080x1080.jpg 52600BK-LivingRoom-Tibi-Detail-PDPPrimary-WideRoom-LgLeft-1080x1080.jpg

      Flush mounts can come in styles that rival even the most decadent chandelier. Perfect for a room where you want to make a statement but don’t have the space, a chandelier alternative like Ocala has stunning and stellar style without the height requirements of a chandelier.

      A pendant alternative like Niva can be used in pairs or groups just like pendants but have the benefit of a lower profile for lower ceilings and smaller spaces.

      There are also flush mounts that can convert to a pendant from a flush mount like Birkleigh and Downtown Deco. These let you have flexibility in your fixtures and find just the right height for your space.

      Downlights are ubiquitous in homes of every size. But sometimes, you want your style to shine a little brighter. Small-scale fixtures like Tibbi, Lytham and Dombard can take the place of downlights and still add decoration.

      Installation Tips

      Always be sure to check the installation instructions on your fixture before installing any light. Here are a few general tips for installing flush mounts.

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      The tools you’ll need to install your flush mount will vary, but in general, you’ll need a Phillips head screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, wire strippers, electrical tape, a ladder and safety glasses.


      Make sure your light is turned off when not in use to prolong the integrity of the fixture. Otherwise, no maintenance should be needed.


      Always be certain that the electric current is turned off before cleaning. Only use a soft damp cloth. Harsh cleaning products may damage the finish. Flush mounts are a beautiful way to give your home a soft glow with a touch of style. Any room is made instantly more beautiful by adding a beautiful flush mount fixture.