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      Kitchen Pendants


      Pendant Planning and Selecting Tips

      Let’s face it, pendants are having a moment right now. In fact, they have been for a while. And the reason is, they combine form and function in a truly stellar way. As versatile in style as they are in their options for placement, we’ll show you how pendants can light up a room like no other light can.

      The Kitchen Island

      This is a big one. Pendants are used as a balancing focal point over kitchen islands. They’re also used like jewelry for the room, adding a splash of style to the space. But how do you know where, how many and how high to place them? We’ve got you covered. 

      • The number of pendants depends on the size of your island and the size of your pendants. Generally, pendants look best in odd numbers but 
      • If you’re using larger pendants over a larger island, 2 could work.
      • 4 pendants will look best if they are complementing the corners of a large square island
      • As a rule of thumb, pendants should be hung with the bottom 36” from the countertop.
      • Remember to place pendants at least 6" or more from each end of the island to avoid an overcrowded look.

      Willing to mix and match? Varying the hanging height of multiple mini pendants can be visually appealing as well.

      • Multiple mini pendants over an island should have somewhere between 12” and 24” between the widest points and that distance grows with the pendant diameter. 

      Unexpected Pendant Placements

      Pendants are often the shining focal point of a room. Especially when placed in unexpected ways. Take, for example, a reading chair, which may traditionally feature a downlight or table lamp. Imagine the stylish possibilities if you added a hanging pendant instead. Or replaced your bedside lamps with twin pendants for a centering appeal.  Even an enclosed patio can become a bright spot of style with a well-placed pendant.

      One of our favorite unexpected pendant placements is the bathroom. Consider an asymmetric placement of one pendant in a powder room or mini pendants used in place of sconces, which can properly illuminate the face for that all-important getting-ready glowFor more inspiration, check out these Bathroom Lighting Ideas and as always, check with an electrician when placing lighting in the bathroom to make sure installation is up to code. 

      The Case for Clusters

      Lighting can cast an even more dramatic statement when mixed or matched. For an ultra-modern look, cluster three different shapes or sizes of the same pendant family together over a kitchen sink. Or, alternatively, the same pendant but in three different sizes or finishes could add a subtle statement of style over a dining table. Get creative. If you want your home to be less matchy-matchy, mixed and matched clusters are a great way to think outside the bulb.    

      Pendants come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s up to you what statement works best for your home. However you hang them, pendants are sure to light up any space with brilliant style.

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