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      Dining room with mixed styles


      Mix and Match Indoor Décor

      When you decorate your indoor space, your first instinct might be to make sure everything goes perfectly together. The same finishes, the same colors. And you can certainly achieve a nice look that way. But if you just add a little mix into your match, the doors of décor begin to open. 

      Pick a Leading Style

      First, you need to pick a style that will serve as your base. This is one of the most important parts of decorating a home. It’s best to choose a style that suits both your taste as well as your space. If you’re simply redecorating or just updating a few pieces, choose a style that fits your existing décor. When you don’t have an anchor style, your look can begin to go adrift. 

      Stand out from the Crowd

      Similar to a dominant style, you want to have one or two pieces in each room that serve as focal points. This can be a piece of art, a unique item of furniture or a stunning chandelier, and it can change the entire look of a room. It’s helpful if your statement piece is somewhat versatile, like the Emmala or Kimrose chandeliers, so you can easily mix and match other items to create the perfect complement.  

      Mix Your Finishes

      When choosing finishes for lights, hardware or other accents, you don’t have to match them exactly. For example, if you have a gold chandelier, mixing in a few pieces of brass hardware will give the room a complementary look. Additionally, you can contrast most accent finishes with black. Think picture frames, doorknobs or sconces. The Everly™ collection has a great neutral look that you can match with just about anything. Just make sure you aren’t mixing every finish.

      Weave Textures Together

      From lights to faucets to throw pillows, the opportunity to play with textures is really limitless. Start with mixing the texture of a finish, like shiny with matte or the clear seeded glass of a sconce with a sparkling chandelier. 

      Pay Attention to All Levels

      It’s important to take all of those levels into account when mixing and matching décor. Adding accents to the wall and floor keeps your eyes moving through the whole room. Accessories like vases and planters in complementary colors can help  finish colors from the light fixtures above and balance the space.

      “When you look at a room, you don’t usually see it all at once. Your eyes may first land on a statement piece, then to art on the walls, and finally down to the rug.” - Alisha Snyder, Product Designer at Kichler. 

      However you mix and match your indoor style, remember not to overdo it. One too many ‘mixes’ can lead to a mismatched style that’s less eclectic and more erratic. But if you make a point to mix with purpose, it can take the style of your space to a whole new level. 

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