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      Working with a Designer on lighting selection


      Indoor Lighting Planning & Selecting

      You’ve seen it in your mind’s eye. Your foyer with a more welcoming glow. A way to make your great room feel cozier. Or your bathroom a little more spa-like. Whether you want to update lighting where you are or create a plan for a new home, getting from that dreamy inspiration stage to the real deal can leave you wondering…how do I do that?

      Know Your Vision

      Just like builders make blueprints, you can make a “lighting print.” Go room by room and record your inspiration in whatever way works for you…on your phone, your tablet, your computer or maybe even pencil and paper. You might want to use photos from design blogs and websites and make a vision board of what you want your lighting to look like. It’s something you can refer to as you go through the more functional process of getting it done. It can keep your eye on the prize of the right lighting.

      Know Your Space

      Different spaces have different lighting proportions. Don’t let the math scare you. As long as you know the height and width of your room, choosing the right lighting is easy. If you have a small dining room with a lower ceiling, a monumental chandelier probably isn’t the best idea. You’ll want something smaller in diameter and taller in height – and yes, it will have just as grand of an effects as something in a much larger size. Learn more about lighting for small spaces and for larger spaces like rooms with taller ceilings. Kichler Lighting has lots of helpful tips on lighting selection for any size space.

      Know Your Options

      Bed lamps in bedrooms. Mirror lights in bathrooms. Ceiling fan lights in great rooms. Guess what? There’s more. Who says you can’t have a pendant or two in your bedroom along with the bed lamps? Or a chandelier? In a great room, accent lighting can help you create comfy, cozy little nooks and crannies. Yes, the ceiling fan is a starting point and maybe even a focal point, but there are an endless number of alternative ways to bring more light to every room in your home. Light layering and light placement are just a few.

      Know Where to Get the Right Lights

      You know, the only thing better than basking in that perfect glow is knowing that you brought your lighting vision to life. We want your lighting to be all about you – your dreams for your home, your lifestyle and your budget. Our authorized dealers can help you get started. Find one near you. 

      Learn more indoor lighting tips from an expert, HGTV star and professional contractor Chip Wade.