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      Home Gym Lighting Tips

      Exercising is a great way to relieve stress, boost your immune system and, generally, feel better. So having a home gym that makes you feel at home is important, especially if you want to keep up those resolutions. And the right light can set the mood for an energetic workout, a calming yoga session or a focused training. 

      First, find the right space.

      Finding the right space for your workout will help keep you motivated and on-task. Create separation from other tasks in your home gym with placement and lighting. Using a guest room? Place your workout mat as a separation point. Keep equipment on one side of the mat, while the guest room amenities remain separate. Or if your gym is also your home office, use a focused sconce or downlights to shine a light on your workout or relaxation areas. 

      Keep things cool. 

      An LED fan is a great multi-use option for a gym. It keeps you cool, while providing ambient light that lasts. If a fan isn’t an option, make sure your space has a window or is in a well-ventilated area. Keeping things cool is a great motivator when workouts start to heat up. We love what our partner Rogue Engineer did with his new home gym! 

      Outfit with the right equipment. 

      Know your workout type, what you’re likely to do, and what you probably won’t want to use. Very into yoga? Maybe you don’t need a full weight rack. Or if you love running on the treadmill, don’t spring for that stationary bike just yet. Customize to your activities like Workshop APD. If you’re into cross training or multiple workouts, keep each area focused with downlights or flush mounted lights to put a spotlight on your exercises. 

      Make it special. 

      Why not make your home gym a place you love to be? It’s a great motivator! Add sconces, a small chandelier or create a zen den, like Gatta Homes did. These ideas can help make every workout something to smile about.  

      Ready to light up your home workouts? 

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