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      Closet Lighting with Closet Rods


      Closet Lighting Tips

      Are these stripes navy or black? Does this top match this skirt? Does this sweatshirt have a small stain on it? All impossible questions to answer if you don’t have proper lighting in your closet. There are many ways to incorporate closet light fixtures in your space, all you need is a little inspiration. 

      Flush Mounts

      Flush mount lights are probably the most common closet light. And for good reason. Flush mounts give off a diffuse white light, which lets you see your whole space evenly. 

      Pendant/Mini Chandelier 

      You spend a lot of time in your closet, brighten it up and add some décor to an otherwise uninspired space. A pendant or small chandelier adds elegance while also proving functional by illuminating the space more broadly than an overhead light can.


      A downlight can help put the focus on certain areas of your closet, like the back corner where you keep your shoes, or to spotlight dresses or suits. 

      Choose the Right Temperature

      To mimic daylight, consider a 3,000 or 3,500 kelvin LED or compact fluorescent bulb to light your space. The higher the kelvins, the cooler the quality of light. 

      Have Extra Space? 

      For larger closets that feel more like a room, play around with sconces by the mirrors to illuminate you from the front. Or backlight the mirror for a similar effect with a dash of style. If you really have space, try LED channel lights in unexpected designs for function in its highest form. 

      Get Inspired

      We love to see Kichler in the spotlight. Take a look at these closet crusaders who have given their space the ultimate lighting upgrade. 

      @ellerydesigns took a dark, poorly lit closet and turned it into a storage stunner.  @shadowcreekhomes made an airy space glow with a subtle but stunning pendant.

      @jacobwitzling created a closet oasis with a stellar chandelier to match the outdoor-style décor.  

      Ready to start lighting up your closet? 
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