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Ceiling Fan Guide

Cleaning a Ceiling Fan

We get it: cleaning a ceiling fan is not at the top of your to-do list. To ensure that your ceiling fans are working their best, it’s important to keep them free of dust. Cleaning also helps keep the motors and blades performing smoothly.

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Colerne ceiling fan featured in a living room
Cleaning the Glass

If your ceiling fan features a light, turn off the power to the fan and replace bulbs that are out. Glass shades or bowls can be carefully removed and washed in a sink with mild dish soap and water. We recommend lining the sink with a soft cloth to help protect the glass. Dry completely before reinstalling.

Cleaning the Blades

Switch off the power to your fan. Once the blades have stopped spinning, lightly wipe down each side of the blade with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth. Give all the metal parts a little attention as well; canopy, downrod, motor housing and blade arms.

Need to do a Deeper Clean?

You can take each blade off of the fan and use a damp (not too wet) cloth and mild dish soap. Make sure you turn off at the electrical box.

Know What Not to Do

Gentle is best when cleaning a ceiling fan. Here are a few DON'TS:

  • DON’T apply pressure on the blades.

  • DON’T use abrasive or toxic cleaners, alcohol or baby wipes. They may damage the finish of your ceiling fan.

  • DON’T work on your ceiling fan when it is running (of course!)

Tip: When you change the direction of your fan blades for the season (clockwise for summer; counterclockwise for winter) ensure your fan is running efficiently by giving it a cleaning.