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      Tricks Of The Trade

      Helpful how-to videos? Check. In-depth articles? Check. The confidence to take on the next big project? Double-check. From the appropriate chandelier height to cleaning tips, we cover all the lighting basics (and then some).

      Featured Articles

      Cleaning and Maintenance

      Dirty bulbs provide less light than clean ones. Simple as that. Learn how to properly clean and care for your fixtures so your house can truly shine.

      Outdoor Lighting Basics

      The benefits of outdoor lighting are obvious, but choosing the right lights isn’t always so simple. Where do you start?

      Why LED?

      Get the breakdown on this energy-saving technology.

      Uses of Tape and Channels

      LED Tape Lighting has found its ideal companion – channels. Together, they give you amazing potential, limited only by your imagination.

      Color Temperature

      Understanding the color temperature of light is key in lighting design. Are you confused? We can help.

      See what you can save

      Change the direction of your ceiling fan to cool you when it's warm and circulate the heat when it's cold.

      All Guides

      Indoor Lighting Guide

      Shed some light on the tips and tricks that will help you with selection, final installation and everything in between.

      Outdoor Lighting Guide

      Illuminate all your important outdoor locations with ease: entryways, driveways, pathways, decks, dining areas and more.

      Landscape Lighting Guide

      Let your landscape lighting illuminate every occasion and invite people into your home safely and beautifully.

      Ceiling Fan Tips

      Your ceiling is a blank canvas. A Kichler ceiling fan brings it to life.

      Light Bulbs and LED Guide

      The right light source is just as important as the right light fixture.

      Ceiling Fan Pro

      Professional Tools & Resources

      Deepen your knowledge, grow your skill set, get assistance or get the facts. Here are some tools and resources to help you get the job done right.

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      Landscape Pro
      Customer Care

      Customer Care

      We’re here to offer expert advice and support throughout your project. Get in touch with us and we’ll answer any questions you might have.



      If you have a challenging question, we have you covered. Explore a list of frequently asked questions from other Kichler customers like you.

      Where to Buy

      Where to Buy

      Kichler® products are available only through a network of the finest showrooms, retailers and dealers in the world. Connect with a Kichler Lighting specialist in your area for more information on available products, pricing and delivery.