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      Laundry Room with 4U30K
      Kichler cabinet lighting systems provide innovative lighting solutions that combine style with practical applications
      Kitchen with 6T110UH27BK 6T120H27BK and 43846WHLED27
      Cabinet lighting, disc lights and tape and channels add depth, dimension and visual interest.
      Night time Living Room- with Tape light 6T116S30WH
      Project planning helps you determine what lighting effects you want for your space before construction or remodeling begins.
      Kitchen with 4U27K30WHT 4U27K12WHT 4T116S27WH and 43850NI
      There are important questions to think through before installing cabinet lighting and we want to help.
      Kitchen 4U27K30WHT 4U27K12WHT 4T116S27WH and 43850NI All On
      Different types of cabinet lighting often have different warranties. Stay in-the-know on what warranty you can expect with our products.
      Shine in unexpected ways with tape and channel lights.
      Day time living room faturing Tollis 43012NBR and Alton 45295NBR
      Your living room is a place where you spend time, make memories, relax and unwind. Choose the ideal living room light fixtures for your space.
      Luxe Style Kitchen featuring  Viho Island pendants
      Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Here are a few quick tips on how to choose the right light for your space.
      The secret to lighting your home right in any circumstance? A mix of three types of illumination for a layered look.
      Kitchen featuring  43498BK 59002BK
      There’s a lot to love about a luxe look in the kitchen. And it offers a polished luxury feel that few other looks can give.
      Advanced Product Layout Team at Work
      Need help choosing landscape lighting or coordinating lighting in a large office building? Our Layout Design Service team is here to help.
      Mudroom featuring Undercabinet 4U30K30WHT 4U30K12WHT
      For a tidy transition from outdoor to indoor, a mudroom is a great solution. That’s why this entry area has been popular for generations.
      Thinking of updating your kitchen but are unsure where to start? The Handmade Home shares pro tips on how to get started on a project
      Modern farmhouse kitchen featuring Devin 43127NBR
      Whether you need to light an entire space or are simply looking for a new chandelier, we’ll help you figure out which fixtures work together.
      Kichler's Salt Spray Testing
      Different types of lighting often have different warranties. Learn the ins and outs of our warranty for RLM products.
      Add some unexpected joy to the home (and your life) by taking the time to curate those less obvious spots.
      Living room featuring Gentry 300265AVI
      Different types of ceiling fans often have different warranties. Stay in-the-know on what warranty you can expect with our products.
      Summer’s full-court press can take the bounce out of even the most ardent, warm weather lover. A cool, breezy break is what we all need right now
      Patio featuring Berryhill Portable Lanterns 49239BKTLED
      Up and down the streets of every neighborhood, the summer entertaining scene is in full swing. Yes, now’s the time to take the party outside.
      Bar featuring 52176NBR 6T110S27WH
      Setting the tone for your bar area with the right light can shake up your bar style.
      Night time landscape lighting on an entire home
      Read the Q&A from a landscape contractor and learn what you need to know when hiring a professional, or completing a project on your own.
      Popular with commercial accounts, a below-ground fixture is less likely to get damaged, but the style can be right for residential customers, too.
      Product image of Starkk 330171NI
      With so much functionality, how do you choose the fan that’s right for your space?
      Landscape and Outdoor Lighting with Halleron 49604LD
      Here are a few of our favorite lighting tips to help you enjoy these spaces — day into night.
      Underlit floating shelf holding knickknacks against a horizontally pannelled wall
      Different types of LED tape lighting often have different warranties. Stay in-the-know on what warranty you can expect with our products.
      Day time Office with Botanica 44260AVI and Cahoon 43777AVI
      Illuminate your office space with lighting that helps you focus and function.
      Ladscape Lighting on a Modern Farmhose style home
      Different types of landscape lighting often have different warranties. Stay in-the-know on which warranty your client can expect with their product.
      Traditional Dining Room Tolani
      From round to rectangular, Chandeliers come in many shapes and sizes, it's hard to choose. We have a few key tips to help.
      Whether you’re thinking about what dishes to serve or the decorations that will deck your halls, set the tone for any party with lighting.
      Night time bedroom with Riviera 43952OZ
      Different types of lighting often have different warranties. Stay in-the-know on what warranty you can expect with our products.
      Pro Landscape Contractor working with customers
      Let us walk you through some reasons why it might be helpful to hire a pro.
      Daytime pation featuring Kevlar 310150WCP and 380950SNB
      Would it surprise you to know that light also plays a large part in your health, wellbeing, and mood? Well, it does, and in some surprising ways.
      Day time living room with Alden wall sconce in black
      Learn how to install a sconce so it can highlight the best parts of your life and home.
      Garden wall with Hardscape Lighting
      Hardscape lighting can make the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary result. Learn the three building blocks of Hardscape lighting.
      Sylvia wall sconce in office
      We embark on 2022 with a sense of optimism and hope. Here are the design trends to watch out for in 2022.
      Outdoor patio featuring step lights and path lights
      Surface Mount Step Lights & Hardscape Lights: Why both might be right for your project.