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      Ashley Wilson, the designer behind At Home with Ashley was one of the special guests at our showroom during Lightovation 2020 at Dallas market.
      You can bring in so much dimension with an eclectic mix of finishes. Start with these tips and you’ll be on your way to becoming a master mixologist.
      There are many ways to incorporate closet lighting in your space, all you need is a little inspiration.
      Shine in unexpected ways with tape and channel lights.
      Tape lighting must be hardwired into your electrical system, making planning critical.
      Glitz, glimmer, and gold define the 70’s Glam style. Glam does not, however, have to be full of drama or make a loud scene
      Here are some of the top trends from 2018.
      Do you know what lighting is right for your s bathroom pace? We have a quick guide to help you out.
      Whether you need to light an entire space or are simply looking for a new chandelier, we’ll help you figure out which fixtures work together.
      Tiny bedroom? Free up valuable space by hanging a pendant above your nightstand. Check out more ways to make the most of your space.